What kinds of tests I should try?


I am taking my kids into the doctor tomorrow. It is their yearly checkup. I have a 9 yr old that has constant stomach pains and the doctors last diagnosis was functional abdominal pain and she wants to start her on meds for it. She ruled out celiacs, and they did a scope with biopsies and everything came back normal. Wondering what kinds of tests I should try and talk her Into running.

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  1. Karen Boyce—I don't have an answer for you about testing. I was in health care for 40 yrs as a licensed provider, now I do energy work—with your results, anything with the stomach is the Earth Element—-something or someone is keeping this Element (Traditional Chinese Medicine) out of balance—which means spleen is low energy or frozen or blocked—it you want a few simple energy technqiues to try, just PM me. After all the testing, the diagnosis of functional abdominal pain is a scapegoat diagnosis—take her to a Functional Med. Doc, they are MDs, and much more thorough or a Naturopath. From what I'm sensing, she is very anxious about something. 🙂

  2. Wow. I was going to add that she is always very anxious and may have had a small panic attack a few weeks ago but I actually forgot until your post reminded me.

  3. My daughter was given that diagnosis about a month ago. I've seen some major improvement with magnesium supplementation. She complains about her tummy only half as often. Are you giving your daughter any magnesium?

  4. I haven't yet beyond Epsom salt baths and mag oil on her feet. What kind did you use?

  5. I've been using mag citrate powder because that is what I had on hand and she's too young to swallow pills. I've got some glycinate powder on the way. I give her 150-200mg maybe 5 days a week. She's been having ES baths for the last year at least.

  6. Karen Boyce—I'd be happy to give you some techniques. How do you think she would feel about accupunture? If you go that direction, be absolutely certain the person was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and not just the Elements—very important. There are 9 proven parts to our body's energy system. With the anxiety, there is more at play her than just her tummy and spleen. As gently and lovingly as you can try to find out what it is—-talking may help release the fear, and this is fear. OMG don't let them cut on her—-she's unhappy and scared—that's what I'm "getting" about her.

  7. Nicole does the citrate powder have a taste? We've tried natural calm and she hates the taste and fizziness

  8. Try the Mag-A-Hol.

  9. She doesn't seem to notice if there is. I'm hoping the glycinate will be the same.

  10. Just made Magahol so we will be trying that tonight.

  11. Candace I pm'd u.

  12. My daughter is 10 and we dealt with this issue since January, constant stomach pain, cramps, etc. I finally asked her to be tested for SIBO and fructose malabsorption. She tested positive for both! After treatment for the SIBO we have completely changed her diet (low FODMAP mostly) and she's doing great. I haven't had to put her on any other medications and she's not in pain anymore. She has occasional flare ups which I can easily trace to diet (ice cream at a party, too much fruit etc). Hope this helps.

  13. One more thing, I also requested my other children be tested once I received the results and so far 3 of 4 are positive for fructose malabsorption, and 1 more left to be tested. They also complained of tummy aches but not as consistently as my oldest. Now I just changed all their diets to make it easier for me.

  14. I've got an antibody reaction to gluten…as opposed to celiac which is autoimmune….and cross reactors with corn in particular. Gluten could still be an issue.

  15. We have her gluten free now. It seemed to help for awhile but now her stomach aches are worse than ever. Poor kiddo has been dealing with this for the last 2 years.

  16. Karen Boyce—I sent info to you—I don't know where you live, but this is too important, what I "saw" energetically—please check your FB page, delete my personal info and call me—I'll stay up. I'd like to visit with you prior to the doc appt—-it may be very helpful—no denying there is other biochemical issues, however, there is a lot more. 🙂

  17. Food allergies that show up 12 hours later….no drugs just do the test and rule out allegies

  18. Food allergy testing might help. Or sensitivity (IgG) testing, but most doctors don't do it. My kids get stomach pain from corn, gluten, and gluten-free oats. Probiotics/probiotic enemas help.

  19. Elimination diet. She may not be celiac but she may have a gluten intolerance which doesn't show up on tests. I would suggest eliminating wheat and dairy and seeing if her stomach problems don't let up.

  20. We are having the same issues right now with my 7 year old. Currently going through the battery of tests, but I believe it will end up as fap as well. Following!

  21. Karen Boyce—the 1st 20 yrs of my career was traumatic brain injury rehab and spinal cord rehab. Our brains, especially the frontal lobes and neocortex are not fully formed until around age 25. What i have learned from working with the human body, brain is the brain, especially a young brain, may take on something and not know how to process it. THe body does NOT lie, our brains do with our own experiences and perceptions. The longer I've worked with energy the more often I get pictures in my head—especially if I'm working on the chakras. The 2 chakras that showed up for your daughter are the root chakra (family, feelings of security, finances, etc.) and the solar plexus (our place of power and will power)—someone or something, either your daughter interpreted correctly or not, is scaring her to pieces. I was hoping you'd call so we could visit before you see your kiddos doc tomorrow—I had a couple of specific questions, you don't have to tell me, just for you to assess. I urge you to talk to your doc without your kiddos around—most West Med docs will refer to a child psychologist—that's (L) brain talk and talk—-what I found with traumatic brain injury or PTSD, is art therapy works better because it uses the (R) side of the brain and sometimes bypasses the reasons, justifications, skewed perception of the (L) brain and it can get more to the unconsciousness—-and so can the body get to the unconsciousness easier than talking and thinking and talking and thinking—-that's what we are taught and it puts us on a hamster's round wheel getting no where and with little to no resolutions. Pictures often pop up in my mind when working in someone's chakra system, but not always, but the ones for your daughter were fast, clear and her fear level removes her from comfort. The Solar Plexus chakra is where stomach and spleen, kidneys, adrenals, Pancreas and gall baldder, small intestine and part of large intestine reside. I do not want to post what I saw, however, I hope and pray you are able to speak to her doctor privately tomorrow. Please feel free to call if you have questions and for some energy techniques that might be helpful along with the biochemical aspect. I am very concerned about what I "saw".

  22. Probiotics and Lifeway Kefir with l Rhamnosus strain available at even Walmart if she can do dairy.

  23. My son at the same age was also constantly complaining of stomach ache. They were caused by stress at school and disappeared when he moved classes. I would check with parents of your daughter's classmates if any of them have the same problem.

  24. Have u done an HTMA? Low stomach acid is rampant. A consult with a provider here can help tremendously

  25. My docs put my son on a ppi for years and ruined his gut, I have zero faith in allopathic docs when it comes to digestive issues. They never even laid eyes on him or talked about diet!!! I'm

  26. Maybe also worthwhile looking into: NAET. It works with accupressure and is specialised in reactions to all kinds of stimulants in our environment.

  27. An Htma is on the list of things to do soon. I wanted to get blood work done now so that we have as much information as possible as soon as possible.

  28. I was losing faith in her led but she renewed. Lot of it today. When we started talking she listened saw where I was going and agreed. She even brought up the fructose malabsorption issue before I could. She agreed to run tests including the mag rbc which she had never heard of. She wanted us to go to a gi doc for the tests because they could probably read and Interpret them better than she could but I said I wasn't worried so she went ahead and ran them. Although sadly they messed up the rbc test and we will have to go back. Not looking forward to putting my daughter through another blood draw.

  29. It sure seems like she does. She wants to sleep with us every night because she doesn't want to be alone. My husband and I had to go out of town for a night for a funeral and it did not sit well with her. I really don't know how much is physical and how much is emotional/mental. When we first cut gluten and dairy we have a couple months without pain but it didn't last.

  30. Keep in mind that magnesium helps anxiety in many people!

  31. Anyone know if there are any problems with high b12. Dr is sending me the test results but she called and said their reference range is something around 200-400 and she was over 1,000. She said she didn't know of a problem with that but it's weird.

  32. My son also complained of constant tummy aches. NAET helped him tremendously.

  33. Could still be gluten intolerant. There are tests, but of course most docs don't know.

  34. Allergy rotation diet may help – common food allergies = eggs wheat dairy corn soy.

    You eliminate one from the diet – introduce it back in – see if she has problems.

    And if she's often anxious – that can lead to an ulcer – which would cause all kinds of stomach pain. She's young but it's possible -and they can test for the bacteria that causes ulcers as well.

  35. NAET really does work well for kids with emotional issues and food allergies. Look into it. It is non invasive and can be combined with supplementing for deficiencies. Can also help strenghten the body to get rid of bacteria, candida, etc.

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