What light bulbs are safe to use?


Does anyone know what light bulbs are safe to use and do not contain mercury? I have the compact fluorescent bulbs which I’m getting rid of now since I did not know they had Mercury in them.

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  1. I believe LED but this questions is more suited for goggle than the mag group.

  2. What I've last heard is we will be forced to use them as they stopped making the old bulbs i finally convinced hubby to remove them but i see he's slowly putting the florescent ones back in:((

  3. Aren't led a low light light bulb? Like a blue dim color?

  4. Use 130 volt incandescent or new high efficiency incandescent or LED or halogen/incandescent.

  5. I still use the old inefficient incandescent, that as far as I know are mercury free

  6. Led are amazing. You can get any kind of lighting you want with it. They are expensive though

  7. I hope this link works, show it to your husband @wendy https://www.facebook.com/kelle.majken/posts/10153109321180236

  8. Limiting mercury exposure is a good idea. Check out the film Trace Amounts, to be released April 2nd. One of the films directors was poisoned by exposure to broken flourescent bulbs.

  9. We are switching over to LED more money up front but they last longer. They put out less heat as well.

  10. Mercury is sealed into the fluorescent bulbs and won't get to you. If throwing them out causes them to break, then the mercury is released. Dispose of them at a proper recycling center.

  11. Get yourself LED bulbs. The CFL bulbs contain mercury. Compact floursecent lights.

  12. Yep, buy the LED lights, shop around, including large building supply stores and the Internet, because prices vary widely. Don't buy them at a grocery store.

  13. So as long as it says led then it is fine?

  14. Anne Lynch some people are sensitive to the flickering and hum of fluorescent lights.

  15. Fluorescents give me migraines.

  16. Staples office stores & Lowe's usually have the best everyday price on LED bulbs.

  17. Some LED's have a plastic coating all over the bulb. I found some that don't and the light from these "daylight" LED bulbs is vastly superior to old CFL.

  18. Expensive though, like $8/ bulb.

  19. Mercury light bulbs are toxic – If you use them you should probably up your Magnesium intake! Or better yet, your detox protocol. 😉 xo

  20. I can think of three times in the last 7 years that a cfl bulb broke in my home or car. I thought they were harmless. Then my husband told me there's mercury in them so I googled how to clean up after breakage. Basically you need a to seal off that room, not vacuum and get a hazmat team to come into your home and take over. No one is going to do that. I hate those curly fry lightbulbs!

  21. Yes Julie Hill, we can share all forms of truths here and those light bulbs are an absolute HAZARD to our health – More false information from Mass Media! 😉 xo

  22. Yes I need to get them the heck out of our home before one gets broken. I've had the bag of led bulbs for a while. The daylight ones are awesome – the old ones ruin your eyes too.

  23. Just changed all my bulbs! Went from cfl to incandescent.

  24. We can't get incandescent in CA, and they do use a lot more energy than CFL or LEDS.

  25. Yes Kasey, It will be a nightmare if one does break – A slow increasing health nightmare, as most don't notice right away…Unless they get acute exposure "day of" breakage by breathing it in.

    But, the "pieces" of Mercury will be everywhere, in carpet, in cracks, corners, etc, forever! xo

  26. We had one break in our house. It scared me. There are clean up "kits" you should have handy if you do have these bulbs in your house (that's always a good sign, right?). We are slowly switching to LED. That broken bulb still haunts me. I felt like I am being a bit of a spaz but it's scary.

  27. Wow….. this is all so new to me. This group is so amazing, I learn something everyday from y'all.

  28. Led's a lot safer. Big con with the flouro's

  29. We have switched over to all LEDs

  30. Yes Delane Strohmeyer, lol, if they sell a special clean up kit you should probably avoid the product! 😉 Strange World!
    Yet, Mass Media/Government/Big Business will tell you – These bulbs are safe!
    For Healths sake always ask daily…
    What else are they selling me, or rather what else have I "bought into" from their lies. xo

  31. I'm happy with LED lights, but I have halogens in my bedroom (just in the lamp over my bed) because its' a softer light.

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