What magnesium brand are people using?


What magnesium brand are people using? I live in Australia. Thanks

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  1. Genelle Young had a new store
    Naturally Replenish

  2. Great question. Following

  3. Ok I'm new here and currently taking blackmores bio mag. Is this no good?


  4. Ethical Nutrients – glycinate.

  5. I'm in country NSW. I get the Jigsaw one from Genelle but might get the one without B6 next time. I also take some of the Sandra Cabot tablets too to get me to the right amount for my weight 'cause I have them here.

  6. Metabolic maintenance glycinate, and NutraMedix malate. Both from iherb (have the least fillers).

  7. I buy on iherb to ship into Australia. Doctor's Best for magnesium glycinate and Source Natural for magnesium malate. I would love to get Pure Encapsulation magnesium glycinate but iherb does not have it and amazon does not ship it to Au.

  8. I use liquid mag Ive found it works best for me, mag chloride is the only one I use now internally, I'm also in Oz and get my stuff from Iherb

  9. I usually buy source naturals magnesium Malate off iherb but I need to take 6 pills just to get 425mg of magnesium so I just brought the Jigsaw brand off Naturally replenish (link above in comments) as you don't need as much and it's slow release.

  10. I purchased a bottle of the Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT (B-Free). Is there anything else I should take with it?

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