What magnesium can I take to help this?


I am 36 never had a cavity, I now have a few teeth I have to get checked out. My teeth have become very sensitive/painful. What magnesium can I take to help this?

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  1. Brush with Milk of Magnesia
    Oil pulling can be very helpful

  2. I find that brushing with MoM helps against sensitive teeth.

  3. And, go to Photos > Albums > Milk of Magnesia folder and read how effective it is, too.

  4. I read the MoM folder, but still have a few questions:
    1. Baking soda can make teeth more sensitive. Are there any negative side effects with using MoM?
    2. I read in the folder about using MoM for brushing teeth and as deodorant. I know most people are Mag deficient (my RBC has risen to 5), can we supplement with too much Mag at the expensive of calcium, if getting it through teeth, deodorant, oil spray, Mag water?

  5. Jodi Lewandoski Brush with Milk of Magnesia

  6. Got some! I'm going to start today and will report back to you all!! Thanks for your help!

  7. and start oil pulling

  8. What is oil pulling?

  9. I cannot oil pull longer than a few minutes. My jaw get tired of the pulling part lol does anyone know how many minutes before it's effective? The article said up to 20 minutes but not sure if 5 minutes (which is all I can don right now) is doing anything

  10. I only do oil pulling for 2-3 minutes and it stops issues.

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