What meal replacement shakes does everyone drink?


What meal replacement shakes does everyone drink? I need something gluten free and milk free. Something I can buy in a store and not from a direct sales company.

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  1. Can you do soy?

  2. Chike and Click

  3. Evolve, Kashi Go Lean Plant Powered Shake, Natures Plus Vegan Power Meal.

  4. I make my own.

  5. Ensure they say gluten free soy free and suitable for lactose intolerance. Right on the bottleI have drank the and being lactose intolerant I have had no problems

  6. I drink muscle milk every morning.

  7. I use the Vega brand

  8. I’ve been drinking Pro Nourish. I can’t tolerate Ensure or Boost. I assume from dairy even though its lactose free. My GI suggested I ‘try’ ProNourish. It’s low FODMAP (easy to digest), GF and lactose free. But it does contain milk n soy. Fortunately for me it’s the only one that works n easy on my gut.

  9. I use Ensure brand “clear” pomegranate/blueberry as I don’t like the grittiness of the shakes. They are gluten & soy free. Also say ok for lactose intolerance. I can drink it right along with a meal or by itself as a replacement.

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