What meat(s) are going to be gluten free beside the turkey?


My wife, was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with celiac. I fully support her and I do a lot of the research for her. Tonight she scanned some meats at Wal-Mart and they all came back as containing gluten. She said only turkey meat was gluten free. So my question…what meat(s) are going to be gluten free beside the turkey?

She did buy some Boars Head lunch meat yesterday.

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  1. Meat is gf. If they add flavoring it’ll be listed. If that flavoring contains gluten it’ll be listed. For example some chicken has broth on it for coloring. If the broth has gluten in it, it’ll be listed.

    My best advice is to not rely on the scanners. They can be unreliable. The very best resource is your own personal knowledge ?.

  2. Donna Trumpe – Lay Make sure you chime in. This is for you.

  3. Usually meat is gf unless there’s stuff added to it. Frozen stuff dbl check but fresh stuff usually doesn’t have gluten. Stay away from bratwurst tho. They can sometimes use gluten to make them.

  4. If you have it shredded in the deli ask for them to clean the slicer before slicing your meat!

  5. Reading the small print with my glasses is what makes it hard, so the scanner has made it somewhat easier. Still waiting for the dietician on base to meet with me to go over the ingredients I can’t have.

  6. There are a few brands that are GF.. think dietz and Watson and boars head are a couple. You have to watch out for contamination with delis because of shared slicers. I’ve found it easier to by packaged deli meat for my celiac

  7. Yes, All Boars Head products… all meats,cheeses, sauces …. we usually get prepackaged too.

  8. Avoid meatballs. Walmart has pork meatballs which are GF. There is even bacon that has gluten in it, so be extra careful.

  9. I know most schnitzel isn’t gluten free because the crumbing, most sausages aren’t gf either

  10. I had turkey sausage tonight which wasn’t GF and feel pretty bloated. It was Hill shire Farms.

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