What medications are you guys taking?


I have my first appt. With an endo soon She has horrible reviews so I’m trying to be thorough. Any tips on questions to ask? I have all my symptoms listed, blood and ultrasound reports, medications and vitamins listed and with me.

Still waiting get biopsy results, but I am very hopeful she will get me started on meds without the pathology report. My aches keep getting worse. My TPO is triple the maximum rage and so is my T3 levels. TSH almost at hypothyroid level. T4 is normal.

What medications are you guys taking and what has worked the best for you? Anything I shuld try to as stay away from?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Why are you going to her if the reviews are horrible?\n\nI take levo. It works great for me. My doc treats by both symptoms and numbers. Not just numbers.
    Hope you get some answers!

  2. Insurance reasons and couldn’t get an earlier appointment with anyone. Hopefully she won’t be as bad as the reviews say. My symptoms are rapidly getting worse and I felt it necessary to get started on a tratment plan as this is interfering with all aspects of my life.

    Thank you

  3. Cancel that appointment and get yourself a good naturopath or functional doc!

  4. I take desiccated bovine thyroid and 2000 iu D3 daily and follow the AIP diet

  5. I’m on levo and my symptoms have all cleared up. The AIP and keto diet also helped me feel better. Get started with her and switch if you need to. Stay positive!

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