What other problems celiacs can cause?


I am relatively newly diagnosed and my PCP said that if I didn’t stick to the gluten free diet, that long term it would effect much more than my digestive system. My digestive system has always given me trouble for various reasons and regardless of whether I eat gluten or not I still have those issues. Does anyone know what other problems celiacs can cause? Thank you.

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  1. Cancer to start with

  2. Before diagnosis, I never had any issues with food or stomach problems, however I was tested due to being anemic for 14yrs. Unfortunately like many had been a silent Coeliac, whilst I had no issues internally damage had been caused, the day of endoscopy i was told they didn’t need to wait for results of biopsy they could see damage. I was referred for a bone scan and given vit d calcium carbonate, iron etc. After diagnosis it turns out I’m a sensitive Coeliac, can’t tolerate minimum ppm or I react, so I’m 100% gf and wf. So in answer to your question if we don’t stick with diet basically our body attacks itself and that means numerous long term health issues, an the list can be anything from the brain to the skin, anything

  3. I was diagnosed B12 deficient and wonder if it’s because of CD as I’ve had issues with food and digestion all my life

  4. Cancer. Thyroid. alopecia. Rheumatoid arthritis. Lots more too

  5. How long have you been gluten free? It can take some time for the body to heal.

  6. You can destroy your intestines and lose the ability to absorb nutrients. This can lead to malnutrition even if you’re eating your body will not hold on to what it needs to survive

  7. Cancers, diabetes, thyroid issues, infertility, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, vitamin deficiencies and pretty much any other auto immune disease out there. And a 100% gluten free diet could still take up to a year for the gut to heal and you see improvememts.

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