What particular magnesium should I take?


I have a question.

What particular magnesium should I take, be it magnesium oxide, magnesium stearate, etc?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. ^^^ the file above tells you all, but fyi – mag stearate is just a flowing agent – not real mag

  2. Wes Html – Mg stearate is a flowing agent and so is not a source of Mg.

  3. So would these not be a good start?

  4. Mg oxide is poorly absorbed. I use Mg glycinate and Mg taurate. The taurate is because I have heart disease.

  5. Glycinate is the most tolerable.

  6. What about chelated mag?

  7. Anne-Marie, "chelated" means attached to an amino acid, in this case the mag glycinate is chelated because it is magnesium attached to the amino acid glycine.
    (mag malate (malic acid) is another and there are others as well)

  8. So Magmind isn't good??

  9. I love citrate at night! Please take potassium with it and b6

  10. If you take too much you may get chest pains!!!!…feel sick like I did …be carful malate they say is good during the day gives energy they say …I didn't notice any

  11. I have seen MJ and others say that mag oxide (dissolved in water from what I have seen) IS effective.
    Magmind is a newer form that is good for your brain, I have seen a bit on it here and it sounds good to use.

    I wouldn't say always take with potassium, but be careful and it can be a good idea to. Don't start at a high dose, work up to it and see what happens. Make sure your potassium and other electrolytes stay in check.

    Malate is supposed to be good for energy as the malic acid give you energy.
    Citrate (what is in natural calm) and glycinate are excellent at bedtime.
    But everyone is different, and what may be great for someone else, has the opposite effect on you. Just take this as a general idea.

  12. Well just know if you feel chest pains potassium deficiency can cause that and mag uses up potassium they tell me. I eat a banana..My dr said it is easy to throw everything off if you do too much mag( for your system)…or any other thing and you could spend a fortune getting all the tests done …

  13. Yep, Holly is totally right here. Another sign is fainting / feeling like you will faint and low blood pressure.

  14. Most on here recommend supporting your adrenals with it (mostly potassium and sodium) because too much mag can, like Holly said, throw everything off.
    The adrenal cocktail is a great idea.
    AC: https://www.facebook.com/notes/magnesium-advocacy-group/adrenal-cocktail/489273487807392

    Another Adrenal booster with other tips as well: https://www.facebook.com/notes/magnesium-advocacy-group/sheldons-adrenalelectrolyte-booster/728850210516384

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