What seasonings do you all us and stay away from?


Hi everyone! I was recently diagnosed with celiacs disease about two weeks ago. I feel like I have my food and products figured out thanks to everyone on this page but the thing I feel I am still struggling with are the spices. Last night we had steak and as my husband is seasoning his steak he asked if I can have what he was using which was Lowry seasoning salt and garlic salt. I have looked at these several times and everything looks good on both and it also didn’t say there was wheat in it under the allergies. I do know that the McCormick seasoning packets like the taco, chili, and gravy mixes all have wheat in them. So I guess my question is what seasonings do you all us and stay away from? Thanks!

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  1. I stay away from blends, McCormick single herbs and spices are GF and I think they don’t irradiate them either.

  2. McCormick often DOESN’T have wheat in them (and their policy is that when they do, they will clearly put it in the ingredients).

  3. Frontier spices are organic and gluten free

  4. I use Simply Organic and have never had a problem. Knock on wood!

  5. Lawerys is safe. Garlic salt depends on brand

  6. Thank you all for responding! I appreciate it:)

  7. Since I have gone gluten free I have a problem eating red meats not the seasoning.

  8. Thanks I will watch for that. Never considered that to be a problem. Good to know:)

  9. I use a lot of Epicure spices too. (I am not a seller)

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