What sort of Doctor do I search for please?


I’m not very good at deciphering what I should or shouldn’t be doing to get my health sorted. Already, I bought the wrong type of magnesium!
I’m from Berkshire in the UK. I’d like to find someone who can show me what to do and help me get well again.
What sort of Doctor do I search for please?

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  1. Nutritionist, Naturopath or Functional Medicine Doctor. Or someone who is all of the above. I would say that you're better off focusing on diet more than anything else, and gut health. If your gut is not healthy then you won't be getting any vitamins, minerals or nutrients that you need. Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. You can also get the testing done recommended here. Both the blood work and the HTMA. That will provide you a tailored plan.

  3. Gill Jefford I'm from Berkshire too!

  4. Mark Bennett
    Reading, Berkshire
    Tel: 01183 219533 | 07776 250077
    [email protected]

    GAP Practitioner

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