What specifically can lower your Hashimotos antibodies?


Hi everyone! What specifically can lower your Hashimotos antibodies? My daughters are still high but have dropped by over 100 since her last blood test. We have not gone the gluten free route yet but she has been eating an organic diet (about 80-90% of the time) and has been taking probiotics. Do you think this could have helped?

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  1. They can vary. Mine dropped 200 points with doing nothing.

  2. Yeah that’s what her dr said but I didn’t like that answer lol

  3. Antibodies fluctuate all the time. Some say selenium helps in lowering antibodies.

  4. The question is how does she feel? What are her current levels? TSH, T4, T3.

  5. Since Sept her TSH went from 10.82 to 2.78\nFree T4 was .8 now 1.1 which I know is still low \nFree T3 stayed at 3.1

  6. She’s on a t4 med and it was increased in Sept

  7. Imo, her TSH is still a little high as well as her T4 is a tad low. She might need a dose increase.

  8. Mine went from over 3K to low 200s. Just fyi, the level isnt necessarily indicative of damage being done or function of the gland. Dietary changes are more helpful in decreasing inflammation in the body. My crp and sed rate decreased dramatically with changes because eating habits become healthier. Lowering inflammation responses in body helps lower symptoms

  9. What are Probiotics? (Sorry new to all this and learning as I go)

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