What they recommend for a vitamin d deficiency?


Can anyone tell me what they recommend for a vitamin d deficiency? My level is 26. Thanks!

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  1. The pinned protocol 🙂 My levels doubled after a year of taking 40,000IU of D3 with no movement. It wasn't until I dropped D3 and did this protcol that my numbers finally moved.

  2. You are not D deficient. Please post the other three D blood tests used here for an indepth assessment of D.

  3. Storage D levels of 20-24 are ideal. Anything above 21 is just an increase in c reactive protein. So you're not low. If you were, the best way to increase your D is to take magnesium and cod liver oil (no D added.) Follow the Root Cause Protocol, and you'll be fine.


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  4. Sunshine

  5. I guess if you live in a sunshine state, unfortunately I don't.

  6. Your stored is 26 so you are not deficient

  7. Well this is interesting. My level is 25 and my doctor said she wants to see it at 40. Even told me to try a tanning bed.

  8. That's because they think we need to be around the 90 mark – but we do both active D and stored D blood tests to determine the ratio between and low mag generally indicates low D so raising mag raises D

  9. Mines 22 sunshine dose not work

  10. question, if your stored levels are good by morleys range, why do we need to know the others??? what could be wrong with those? plus i never looked at the test till now but it states about any meds your on & isotopes & to ask your dr…you know, the one who has practically destroyed our health to begin with???

  11. So what happens if CRP is high? What occurs in body?

  12. Synthetic Hormone D will further deplete you already depleted minerals…..it is not recommended on the protocol.

  13. I was taking d and citrate but my ceru is not low in any way but kinda high

  14. High ceruloplasmin is sign of inflammation.

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