What this after 6 p.m. body dysfunction indicates?


One of the questions on Morley Robbins health assessment sheet that comes with the HTMA test asks “Do you feel well or badly after six p.m.” Or something along those lines.
So my answer would be a resounding Yes, I feel like crap after 6p.m. with body aches, pains, burning skin at times, and tinnitus too.
Do you all know what this after 6p.m. body dysfunction indicates?

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  1. Following interested to know as well

  2. Same here

  3. That's interesting because I wonder if the opposite (feeling worse in the morning) means something also.

  4. I'm guessing adrenals. Curious to know as well

  5. In Ayurvedic medicine the doctors pay special attention to the time of day certain symptoms occur. I know I've heard on this page that when you wake up between 3-4 am it's because of liver issues. I'm curious about what it means though

  6. This is a classic adrenal symptom.

  7. Oh I feel bad in the evening/night too. I believed it to be adrenals though.

  8. I ordered the hmta test today but didn't get the assessment form yet in my email. Should I have?

  9. I thought it was just a consequence of having kids…

  10. not sure if this helpful. my boy eczema will be more red & itch at evening/night hence i always call it witch hours. From my understanding that the body natural cortisone level is lower during that period

  11. Check into salicylate allergy. It is a "your bucket is full" kind of thing and could be a build up of salicylates by evening…salicylates give me tinnitus, anxiety, heart racing, skin rash(15 years and I didn't know why!)

  12. I believe my symptoms are improved by lower sugar, more magnesium, adrenal support and a sustained slow release supper. Chocolate for example will make me feel terrible the next morning. Biodynamic sprouted toast with cream etc = pretty awesome next morning.

  13. Good info to be found at my-magnesium.com

  14. No I feel bad after 6am because I'm starving

  15. I am at a loss for words Jane Swan. Your situation really sucks. You have friends here.

  16. Really aren't u hungry at that time its about 10hrs since anyone would have eaten. I'm actually hungry every 2 hrs

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