What to do for Chronic inflammation?


What to do for Chronic inflammation?

4 supplements: Magnesium, B6, amino acids (or at least whey protein) and if needed Licorice root to increase cortisol levels.

Excessive Inflammation is driven by Nervous system dysfunction!

Nervous system communicates through neurotransmitters which are heavily dependent on vitamin B6 – pyridoxine!

No wonder that combined Magnesium+B6 supplements are so popular. They do work!

Most neurotransmitters are produced from AMINO ACIDS!

Bad digestion (low stomach acid) = low protein assimilation = low amino acids in the body = low neurotransmitters!

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  1. so wich amino's should be taken ?

  2. Susan Blubaugh

  3. But always the same problem … what magnesium to take ??

  4. Do you mean decrease cortisol?

  5. Interesting thread John. Thanks. I spend much of my day working on people's vagus nerve and the structural damage. I thought I had gone as deep as one can go by bringing in Stephen porges work into my office… Until I found this group. I had no idea the long term damage until Rick mentioned slow oxidation. I'm profoundly stunned. It's given me a challenge now when I'm working nerve specific or even listening to motility of what's underneath this.

  6. What Amino's to take??

  7. OHHH MY GOSH, this answers all the questions I had about my deficiencies and inflammation. Thank-you for sharing this!!

  8. What amino acid to get???????

  9. I thought having high cortisol levels causes cancer! Doesn't our bodies make that when we are under stress?

  10. I'm confused too I thought people needed to decrease cortisol levels, not increase

  11. "The primary stress-response hormone produced by your adrenal glands is called cortisol. It is even more potent in some ways than adrenaline, but at normal levels it is not agitating, rather it is strengthening. It's your wake-up-and-tackle-life's-challenges hormone. Cortisol levels are supposed to be highest in the morning and lowest between about midnight and 4:00AM. If levels are too high, you'll feel wired, tense and hyper-vigilant. Our cortisol levels always rise above the normal level to help us cope with severe stress. This can happen, for example, during a divorce or as a reaction to withdrawal from medications, like benzodiazepines or antidepressants, often causing severe agitation and insomnia. Cortisol levels should return to normal after the stress is relieved, but sometimes chronic stress goes on for so long that the adrenals make a permanent adaptation to a new, hyper level of cortisol production. Eventually, our adrenals can become so exhausted by this constant demand for extreme cortisol production that they are no longer able to produce even moderate levels. Their cortisol output can drop too low throughout the day, especially in the late afternoon. This can be experienced as a sudden crash or a gradually increasing fatigue. But, surprisingly often, 1 – 5 AM cortisol surges persist for years, causing chronic insomnia."

  12. "Let's name a few more things that cortisol does in the body. Keep in mind these things are beneficial in the short term, but problematic if cortisol stays elevated for long periods of time:

    Cortisol production, both too little and too much, can interfere with the production of thyroid hormones and the conversion of T4 to T3.
    Cortisol causes an increase in gastric acid production. When chronic, this can lead to reflux and other problems in the intestine. The decreased blood flow to the GI tract can also cause incredible problems with digestion.
    Cortisol disrupts the reproductive system, causing infertility or even miscarriage when cortisol levels are too high or chronically elevated.
    When our reproductive system shuts down, guess what hormone level goes down? Testosterone. I shouldn't have to explain why that can cause some pretty negative things to happen in regard to your training and fitness goals.
    Cortisol decreases inflammation by reducing the secretion of histamine and stabilizing cellular structure.
    Increasing cortisol and chronically elevated cortisol can cause intense hunger and food cravings due to the metabolic derangement that occurs. Okay, if you just fought off a mountain lion. Not okay if you sat in the car for an hour during rush hour traffic."

  13. Nick Seigal

  14. Take complete amino acid complex. Empty stomach….follow directions on bottle. After reading The Mood Cure by Julia Ross I started on complete amino acid complex by now and along with helping brain function/mood/energy I noticed I needed much less digestive enzymes. I found out the hard way when after building up to the full dose of 4 caps that I didn't need 3 hcl caps per meal.

  15. B6 supplements are toxic! Get b6 from food only.
    It causes nerve and muscle pain

  16. Doesn't a deficiency in enzymes play a role in this as well?

  17. A little reading on bee pollen..which contains 22 amino acids..

  18. My acupuncturist did a heavy metals urinalysis on me a couple years ago and I tested high for copper and zinc, but also I have absorbing issues from my gut. My cortisol is low but I'm pretty sure I'm in adrenal fatigue.

  19. Adrienne Irwin- this prompted the message I just sent you.

  20. Alisa Helfrich

  21. Very interesting! Didn't know this!

  22. Kristopher James Schneider

  23. If you have elevated blood pressure, be careful on the licorice root front. I recently had a friend get into trouble with high blood pressure when he started drinking black licorice tea on a daily basis.

  24. What about citrulline malate ?

    PS great post !

  25. A great article thanks for posting. 🙂

  26. Has anyone with low stomach acid, and supplementing betaine hcl noticed a significant drop in urine pH?

  27. John Cohn, would you say then that magnesium and b6 help to raise the stomach acid to improve digestion!?!?

  28. AMAZING information overload. Holy moly! Thank you for all you do, guys! 🙂

  29. Didn't know this, is vit b 6 in vit b co strong .


    Shall we take B6 alone, how is it important in pollen among the whole bunch of b ?

  30. Sugar detox!

  31. For sure!!

  32. Linda, I've done a sugar detox and then relapsed back on it a month later
    :(. Everything has sugar in it.

  33. Huge difference in natural & processed sugar…. You don't have to eliminate it completely …. Just decrease it & learn check for it ingredients

  34. Carbs turn into glucose and create an insulin response.

  35. I can't even describe the difference when I am watching my sugar/carb intake vs eating all the sugars & carbs I want. I feel & LOOK horrible!!! I'm so swollen & inflammation is severe! Brain-fog, exhaustion, frequent headaches, painful muscles & joints, etc. Nobody will ever convince me that excessive sugar consumption does not lead to overall full-body inflammation, which inflammation causes pain! I've experimented enough & been misdiagnosed with several different diseases that I did not have & was put on all kinds of meds to treat conditions I didn't even have!! It was my diet! I was addicted to sugar & carbs!!! Processed, full of artificial everything that our bodies don't know what to do with! We were not intended to consume all of these artificial ingredients. So many diseases have inflammation as a main symptom & that causes PAIN. Look at our ancestors who GREW what they ate. Look at their photos. You didn't see they overweight, inflamed & unhealthy people like we see today that have all of these "diseases" which most have inflammation as a key symptom. They were healthy. Once we started eating processed sugars & other foods….. Well…. Think about it? There is definitely a link that I had to prove to myself without the help of any doctors!!

  36. Can I just eat licorice to increase cortisol levels or do I need Licorice Root. Also, I dont do Whey, what else would be good.

  37. Wow so much info I'll have to come back to this one!

  38. If you have to take medications, your liver and system needs Intravenous Chelation Therapy.
    Cleans out your liver, kidneys and arteries.

  39. Omg…you just solved my dilemma. Thank you.

  40. Terry Johnson

  41. I get my amino acids from grass-fed collagen hydrosolate. It doesn't taste and mixes into any hot or cold drink! Either Great Lakes or Vital Proteins brand.

  42. I'm b6 toxic. Taking b6 is bad idea

  43. SYSTEMIC ENZYMES ! I prefer Vitalzym.. Google and read about Systemic Enzymes + Inflammation ! One of the most important items for the body.. involved in 3,000 body chemistry functions !

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