What to do for horrendous night sweats?


Does anyone have an advice on what to do for horrendous night sweats? I’ve had them since 2010 and have been through periods where they go away but always come back. The last few months they have been awful and I’ve ruined so many doonas and doona covers as I literally drench everything with sweat every night.
* already following Mag protocol apart from liver tablets and bee pollen*

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  1. Sex hormone imbalance?? I had night sweats when estrogen was seriously low.

  2. It can also be from iron overload. Sweating is one way the body uses to get rid of excess iron. Get the FULL MONTY iron testing done, as recommended by Morley. The HTMA/consultation with Morley Robbins will greatly benefit you as Morley can properly evaluate iron burden in the body, anemia of chronic inflammation, etc. Iron overload is a cause of estrogen dominance, endometriosis and heavy menses.

  3. Check you sugar level when it happens

  4. I had them bad until my dr told me no more Celtic seasalt water after 3 pm. Worked like a charm.

  5. Also get some acupuncture!

  6. Mbye look into chemicals? Things like triclosan (a disenfectant) & I believe perfumes cn mess with hormones. Other chemicls cn cause sweating I think becuse the body is trying to detox them I think.

  7. Whats a doona? Adding a hormone supplement finally got mine under control. Sweat is not a strong enough word. I would be soaking wet all night and then all day while I was working. Had to take many showers a day to try to even feel clean. I hope they are gone, they are much, much less and hope they never return.

  8. Get those hormones tested.

  9. Tammy Kuhn, the minerals rule the hormones. Balance the minerals and you will balance the hormones.

  10. Have yiu been tested for lyme?

  11. Can also be a vitamin D deficiency

  12. For myself I have come to realize there is a direct correlation between night sweats, hot flashes during perimenopause, menopause and histamine. The first course of action for me was to reduce histamine producing foods for relief as well as foods high in sugar, alcohol and processed food if you eat any. In the long term increasing ceruloplasmin and reducing iron overload is the general course of action.

  13. hormone dominance,

  14. for me, night sweats are about 100% too few calories and/or too low carbs

  15. For me triggers were alcohol and sugar.

  16. Many people believe they are anemic when in fact, they have iron dysregulation and often have what is called "anemia of inflammation." That is when there is iron toxicity and the body recognizes it as inflammation and so the body sequesters the iron from the blood and stores the iron in the organs and tissues, which then causes more oxidative stress to the organs. The iron that is stored in the tissues and organs, liver, brain, heart, etc. can be seen on MRIs. We have 10X more iron stored in our organs and tissues that the amount that shows up on iron blood tests. Iron toxicity causes many chronic health issues, including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, diabetes, etc., etc. For much more information on iron overload, please watch Morley's YouTube videos on iron dysregulation. The answer to this problem is to increase ceruloplasmin which makes the stored iron bioavailable. And, also get the recommended FULL MONTY iron panel done and reduce iron burden if needed. Blood donation is the fastest way to reduce iron overload, but there are also other ways such as curcumin, green tea, stabilized rice bran, etc.

  17. Do you take Boron?

  18. I started having horrible night sweats around age 30. Discovering an Adrenal Insufficiency and treating it with Hydrocortisone has gotten the night sweats under control for me.

  19. For me, doing the Magnesium protocol, and especially Boron water, has helped in a huge way.

  20. Hormone imbalance

  21. I used to overheat every night, feel like my body was on fire and be covered in sweat until I stopped having caffeine.

  22. I get these night sweats often and discovered the occasional water and 10 drops of sage drops helps immeasurably. For weeks I don't have any night sweats after a little tincture.

  23. Drinking coffee and or alcohol can make them worse.

  24. Two things – getting plenty of healthy fats in my diet, suggestions from Paleo but it was helpful for sure. Eating fat does not make you fat. My hormones and sweats improved. Two, Whole food Vit c was the missing link in my healing path. Doing much better after just a few weeks, and now on 6 months of adding it. Camu camu powder, or pure radiance brand. The vitamin C supports adrenals, and they seem to support and regulate hormones and my night sweats have reduced dramatically. Now the sweats seem to be only stress triggered, or panic attacks in my sleep. Yes, my naturopathic doctor mentioned it and after a couple years of xoping and healing I think she was right.

  25. And after reading other comments, I also like the borax, boron water. Been using short time, but it helps dramatically with joint pain, add to baths along with oral drink.

  26. Please look up the FB site Happy Hormones you wont be disappointed. I have been on the HH…all natural herbs etc for 4 weeks and my hot flushes and night sweats are almost gone. Its a closed site. Join and be amazed at the positive comments from all us women going through the change.

  27. Low carb diet all the way

  28. Have your thyroid checked.

  29. Night sweats are a sign of a infection called babesios which iron issues make you very vulnerable to

  30. The bee pollen can help. It did me.

  31. Have you tried Dim? It's a supplement made from crucefihus vegetables. It helps metabolize excess estrogen.

  32. Acupuncture:)

  33. Black Cohosh!

  34. I noticed some have commented suggesting a low carb diet. Please be careful with this. Not everyone does well on a strict paleo diet. I went on the GAPS diet and it taxed my adrenals and worsened my hormonal imbalance. Listen to your body and stick to healthy eating principles: healthy fats, REAL carbs, veggies and low sugar.

  35. If you also have fatigue during the day get checked for Babesiosis. The symptoms are severe night sweats.

  36. I asked this question in the Adrenal Fatigue group and they recommend the Adrenal cocktail which I was using off and on. So I stepped it up to 2x day & have much improved.

  37. Balance hormones. Too much estrogen causes hot flashes. Eat a carrot salad with acv and coconut oil daily to mop up excess estrogen in the gut

  38. I had that from mold detox.

  39. 9mg Boron daily (along with Mag protocol) eliminated (day &) night sweats for me

  40. Boron/borax is a good suggestion. Borage oil might also be good. (1 softgel a day is normal dose but you could take one at each meal for the short time till you see benefits)

  41. Boron helps to retain magnesium which is vital in hormone balancing.

    Boron/borax is a hormone balancing mineral.

    I take ionic boron and add borax to my bath


  42. Perhaps consider a detox. A parasite cleanse clears many other toxins from the system. Kind of like a reboot of the system.
    Fungi, yeast, mold, parasites , bacteria, etc all upset your natural balance and natural ability to heal. Remove assaulting factors. Then see where you are.

  43. Vicki stop the thyroid madness gives false info look at there reference ranges for ferritin … They are leading patients to believe they are anemic when in fact there overloaded in iron

  44. I walked around w babesia for 40 years .. Night sweats were severe day sweats would come & go as well ..

  45. I still have night sweats but I noticed an intense trigger for them is nightshades; particularly tomatoes or store bought salsa. I was AIP all last year and tried to introduce nightshades back and was having extreme night sweats. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia as a child. A hypoglycemic reaction after falling asleep causes them and I have had them off and on my whole life. If I eat figs, dates, plantain cookies with maple syrup (yum) before bed then I will get a hypo reaction and be soaked with sweat and it wakes me up. I have to be careful how much sweets I eat before bed. It's the only time I crave them. I do not eat sweet food during the day.

  46. KImMarie Ranieri – STTM wants all four iron levels tested. Can you spell out for me the reference ranges that is recommended in Mag Adv Group? I'm still battleing low iron and fallowing the protocol, will test iron soon. Curious about what are considered good labs.

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