What type of yogurt do you consume?


What type of yogurt do you consume? Just trying to get a good brand. Thank you.

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  1. Make our own Kefir x

  2. Homemade milk kefir or live natural full fat yoghurt if I can't make kefir.

  3. Homemade and if I am ever not home I buy a full fat one. The low and no fat ones are fully of sugar and usually corn starch.

  4. No matter where I shop I am finding it difficult to find full fat yogurt and when I do the choices are limited.

  5. White Mountain is a good store bought brand if it is available where you live. Also Cornucopia produced a yogurt guide https://www.cornucopia.org/yogurt-scorecard/.

  6. none at the moment but perhaps keffir yoghurt, as long as non-dairy if possible

  7. homemade = always the best

  8. I make my own in the Instant Pot Pressure cooker. Very easy very fast. I drink the whey or use in cooking. It's very high in Mag and potassium.

  9. So delicious brand coconut milk yogurt unsweetened. Add my own sweeteners & fruits.

  10. Coconut, Cashew, and almond non- dairy

  11. I really like Siggi's brand of organic, grassfed, full fat yogurt. It is hard to find even in stores carrying other Siggi's products.
    Otherwise, I get Greek Gods traditional full fat yogurt.

  12. I look for grass fed kefir or yoghurt here in Canada. In Europe I get sour milk instead as it is made with raw milk and is soured naturally. Kefir is pasteurized milk with added bacteria. Of course only full fat! I always check that it has only 3 ingredients.

  13. Greek natural full fat from aldi

  14. Coconut kefir !! The best

  15. There must be some true naturally made yogurts out there somewhere. But i don't know where. And since I try to keep my dairy consumption down, I am not in any rush to look. I am in favor of fermented foods, but since I have to make them myself, I don't eat much at all.

  16. I like whole foods fermented oranic sauerkraut- they have many varieties.

  17. Kefir has over 36 beneficial bacteria compared to 1-3 of yogurt.
    I love to combine different probiotic foods to ensure my family gets lots of different probiotics to help their gut balance. Good probiotics are kefir, yogurt, fermented vegetables, Kombucha, water kefir, sourdough, fermented drinks like ginger beer or beet kvass, etc.

  18. Kiefer is great. No added stuff in it though. Add your own fruit and stevia if need

  19. SuSan Hoffmann, I make my own goat kefir in my Instapot.

  20. Since I have not yet ventured into making my own homemade, the full fat/whole milk Organic Stoneyfield Plain Greek Yogurt is my fave. No fillers/added sugar/etc. I also started using it after reading a couple years ago that it is one of the only yogurts on the market that consistently can regrow the particular live active cultures it claims in the ingredients list. And that it is a great yogurt in particular for women's health/proper pH balance.

  21. I have a lot of homework now. You guys are welcome. Thank you.

  22. I make kefir from raw milk, much more probiotic than yogurt.

  23. If I have to buy from store I have only found Coyo natural flavor AIP compliant, I make my own usually. I follow this recipe 🙂 http://www.flametofork.com/2014/12/coconut-milk-yogurt-with-strawberry.html?m=1

  24. I make my own from grassfed raw milk

  25. I get mine from a local farm. Raw milk & yogurt

  26. Coyo or The Coconut Cult (dairy, additive, and sugar free)

  27. I make my own from grass fed goats milk

  28. Nancy's yogurts are the best and I mKe home made yogurt as well.

  29. I don't eat dairy so I buy coconut yogurt

  30. I love Wallaby organic Greek plain, it's the only one I buy

  31. We do coconut milk yogurt.

  32. I don't really eat yogurt.

  33. Siggis high protein so great

  34. Noosa and Siggis

  35. Aldi pot set Greek yogurt in the big bucket. It's amazing!!!

  36. stonyfield

  37. Kalona

  38. make my own, I hate to buy commercially made products with fake vitamins added, etc.

  39. I make my own cultured yogurt with cashew and/or coconut. I wouldnt eat the packaged…

  40. I make my own and ferment for 24 hours, so the lactose (sugar) is eaten away by the bacteria.

  41. Is coconut milk or coconut cream = to the oil

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