What vitamins do you take supplementary to the pill?


Another question what vitamins do you take supplementary to the pill? Thanks and sorry about the overload of questions

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  1. I uave done a ton of research on vitamins. I am a picky eater. I take a 400 mg of mag, b complex with vitamin c, vitamin d (everyone is deficient! And the darker your skin, the more defiecent bc the skin doesn't absorb as much), and probiotic.

  2. The one thing that could be important is B-vitamins, because some studies have suggested that B-vitamins are depleted by hormonal birth control. I tend to agree that supplements are not as good as real food, though. But, if hormonal birth control is depleting B vitamins more than you would naturally, are normal food going to be enough to make up for it? We really don't know.

  3. I know I don't eat right, as much as I'd like to… healthy food really can be expensive. So I take a basic multivitamin, Vitamin D supplement (helps with SAD), fish oil, and a magnesium supplement (helps with migraines, read a scientific study that basically stated migraines can be caused by a lack of magnesium, the neurons and synapses in your brain need it, without it they misfire, causing migraines…) it takes a little while to build up in your system, but I haven't had a migraine in months, where I was having one or more a week.

  4. I take a women's one a day and a cranberry capsule.

  5. You're taking artificial hormones, including oestrogen. So taking something that removes oestrogen from the body is not a good idea, assuming that it actually works and isn't a woo-woo product.

  6. Well, if you're on the pill, I'm not sure of the effectiveness of that.

  7. Basically it's a high concentration of broccoli powder and gets rid of excess estrogen in body

  8. I don't know what those are?

  9. What about estroblock or dim plus ? It says nothing about it in pamphlet

  10. I'm very pro-conventional medicine, but I like to use supplements along with them, occasionally . I find they help with some of the conditions I have. Vitamin D deficiencies, found out via blood tests are a big one. It's fun to make some beauty products with herbs and whatnot, and overall they are safe with the pill. St. John's Wort is a big no-no… Your pamphlet has a list of things that affect your pill.

  11. Yeah I only take multivitamins because I'm a broke student living off bread, cheese and pot noodle. If you have a healthy diet or a notable deficiency then you don't need to take extra vitamins. In fact, too many vitamins can actually make you ill, eg they can give you kidney stones.

  12. Optivite PMT…it helps with PMS. I love it.

  13. I agree with Juliet I've been reading a lot lately that vitamins are not really needed and the best is to have a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables but I know that's hard.. I take a multivitamin now because I feel I'm not getting enough from food and Vit D as I was low on it when tested( winter sucks no sun) . A vitamin B complex is good if you're on the pill as I've read a lot that it depletes b vitamins. Ive taken it while i was on the pill, and also took Vit C..

  14. There was an article in Time a few years ago that investigated in depth and found most multivitamins to be hokey bullshit and only provided a placebo effect. If you are eating a nutritious diet that spans across all of the nutrients then you don't need any extra vitamins. Unless your doctor runs a blood work panel and finds a deficiency.

  15. I take vitamin c daily but that's just bc I work with small children all day, it helps me not catch everything they do lol

  16. I usually don't bother, but I take multivitamins occasionally.

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