What would you recommend to heal the bones faster?


I have just broken by ankle and had surgery yesterday. I cant bare any weight for at least eight weeks. I have 5 little boys. What would you recommend to heel the bones faster.

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  1. Lots of Magnesium, boron and silica plus bone broth and cod liver oil. Once the skin is healed, you can also apply comfrey compresses to the area.
    Hope yo heal quickly and the pain isn't too fierce.

  2. You'll heal faster by allowing your body time to heal, I'm hoping you have a good support system … 5 sons, God bless you!

  3. This is one of the areas where homeopathy really shines. Symphytum, which is the homeopathic version of Comfrey (herb mentioned above) will help speed recovery along with the mineral suggestions made. The Cell Salt, Calc Phos, will also be very helpful here.

  4. Get the most help you can afford, or take the kids and go for an extended summer stay at grandma's, your sister's place, etc. You'll heal much faster if you elevate, rest (ha ha, I know) and don't use the ankle for some time.

  5. A babysitter.

  6. I went through that 8 years ago. It was the summer my kids learned to cook. I scooted around on a wheeled office chair, went upstairs on my knees and came down on my butt. Rented a wheelchair for away from house. Best exercise I did when i got out of the casts (12 weeks) air-draw the alphabet with your toe.

  7. My sister has a whole field of comphrey but I have stitches and a cast so not sure I can use that for at least six weeks. I thank you for all your advice.

  8. Bone stimulator, had 3 surgeries on my foot and that is the only thing that made me heal completely because my immune system is so compromised

  9. My husband gets paid for two weeks to stay home with me. I have some help with grandparents after that also. Hoping I will be up and about on a wheeled knee cart in a few weeks.

  10. A diet rich in magnesium and potassium will help with your ankle sugery recovery. Vitamin D is important, so getting sun might help. Here is a good article on creating good bone health: http://www.arthritis.org/about-arthritis/types/osteoporosis/articles/preventing-osteoporosis.php

  11. And we advocate and have the research to say that vitamin D should only come from foods rich in all of the fat soluble vitamins, CLO, grass fed butter, etc, and NOT isolated hormone D….and Sun, yes to Sun, just don't get burned.

  12. Also homeopathic hypericum (St. John's Wort) to help speed healing

  13. Fenugreek

  14. Black strap mollasses

  15. My husband broke his leg this past winter. We found a transfer chair, the one with small wheels easier to maneuver around the house. Also, their is a product called Juven, it is a powdered drink mix that builds new tissue from the inside out to strengthen the area around the break.

  16. Magnesium with boron

  17. Magnesium bicarbonate water, MSM-Sulfur (1-2 tsp @ 2x/day) and high doses of Systemic Enzymes (I prefer Vitalzym… they speed up healing, reduces inflammation and thus pain.)

  18. Lots of Magnesium

  19. the herb 'bone set'.

  20. Comfrey poultices twice a day. A friend who rides rodeo bulls used this and swears by it.

  21. Homeopathic symphytum and arnica. But read or go to a homeopath so you understand how to take them.

  22. Horsetail tea (has silica).

  23. A live in nanny!

  24. Castor Oil packs. Check you tube

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