What’s a good way to raise my stomach acid?


What’s a good way to raise my stomach acid? I can’t handle betaine hcl it makes me anxious.

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  1. I think raw APple Cider Vinegar

  2. Lemon juice shots or pineapple juice aor apple cider vinegar

  3. Lemon/honey water daily.

  4. Mark Hathaway from Biosynergy Health would be able to help you 🙂

  5. Also coconut water

  6. Are you taking anything for your bile? You should never take HCL on its own, without addressing bile flow.

  7. you could try using GB3 http://drlwilson.com/Articles/gb3.htm … If it makes you anxious it may be because it is killing off pathogens. perhaps. … Sometimes low stomach acid will allow abnormal flora to flourish. You might want to stick it out. Also add some kefir maybe. Or some probiotics. And consider getting some colonhydrotherapy, or doing coffee enemas at home. Good luck

  8. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water. Lemon water can help too. The HCL might make you anxious depending on whether or not you have certain genetic SNPs. From what I've read, it's a methyl donor and some can't tolerate those.

  9. Kombucha?

  10. Mag Chloride 2-3 tabs each meal to raise hydrochloric acid for digestion works for me.

  11. Look up stimulating the vagus nerve. Good ways to prime the stomach.

  12. I take ox bile, its been helping from what I can tell. Thanks everyone for the advice! I willgive everything a try.

  13. Make sure you don't take the oxbile until at least 1.5 hours after you've eaten Kati. It's highly alkaline so it will compromise digestion if taken with food. Your body does not need it and can not use it until everything starts moving down into the duodenum 🙂

  14. Have you had your zinc/ copper ratios measured? Low zinc means low stomach acid.

  15. What's in oxbile? I am pretty sure I need this, magnesium chloride sounds good to.

  16. Magnesium chloride

  17. It is oxbile, a great way to help your digestion.

  18. I have the flakes, did you mean absorbed in a bath or is there a supp? What is ox bile?

  19. Yep flakes are good or magahol or mag oil or lotion

  20. Oh dear, wow, I wasn't catching that, lol. Is it commonly taken? I have histamine issues and cbs gene issues, and have reacted to so many things, just curious if it's commonly tolerated?

  21. 1 tblsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before meals.

  22. Just make sure it's Braggs.

  23. I can only handle 1/2 teaspoon in a little bit of water at the moment of ACV (apple cider vinegar) with meals, 1 tablesp'oon might be too much for her if betaine hcl makes her anxious.

  24. Taking a glass of water with your ACV is totally counter productive. You've now diluted the acid and probably ruined digestion for that meal. Dont drink anything for at least 30.minutes before and an hour after digestion. You will ruin it 😉

  25. Swedish bitters will stimulate your own production of HCL.

  26. Swedish bitters will stimulate your own production of HCL.

  27. When to take the magnesium chloride please? And how much magnesium is in one tab? I'm trying to work out the equivalent mag oil.

  28. Alta Mag Chloride : Per tablet : Santhy George
    Magnesium Chloride 520 mg (Chloride)
    Elemental Magnesium 62.17 mg
    I take 2-3 tabs Mg Cl per meal.

  29. Thank you, Edna. Do you take only that? Or something for the bile too?

  30. I take Nature's Way Multi enzyme also with each meal. I used to take NOW enzymes which had some for the bile, but i did not notice any difference. I thought taking Bile is for those who had gall bladder removed. Santhy George.

  31. Ok. Mark Hathaway said above "Are you taking anything for your bile? You should never take HCL on its own, without addressing bile flow.

  32. True, I saw that from Mark Hathaway, if you still have your gall bladder, do you need extra bile ? Maybe its something new I have to read up on.

  33. Edna, the majority of the people I work with have a sluggish biliary pathway. Having good bile flow is critical for good digestion. Its when the acidic chyme clashes with the alkaline bile & pancreatic enzymes where digestion truly happens 🙂

  34. Mark Hathaway, would excessive gas (burping) all day long indicate insufficient bile flow, low HCL or both?

  35. Santhy. The gas definitely sound like bile issues. If you have bile issues you probably have pancreatic enzyme issues too (bile flow activates pancreatic enzymes). Have you done my digestive capacity questionnaire yet?

  36. No, I haven't. Maybe I should, something is definitely wrong.

  37. Hi Santhy, I saw you questionnaire come in a couple of minutes ago and jumped straight on it 🙂 . Yes, you've certainly got some digestive issues that need addressing. You will definitely need both HCL a product like Beetflow. Some pancreatic enzymes will help too. I will email you back some links to look at when I get a chance.

  38. Bitters would probably be a good way to go, and also some apple cider vinegar before every meal.

  39. Or you can try ox bile

  40. Danyia, it is compensating what your bile is not able to produce: bile. And yes, it's natural from our sisters :).

  41. For the people who recommend bile salts…does anyone know if they are recommended to take if you have bile reflux? I have gastritis caused by this and don't want to make the problem worse. I wasn't sure if bile salts would help or hinder me.

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