What’s an endoscopy like?


What’s an endoscopy like? Because I tested positive for Celiac they want to do one. Do I keep eating gluten until my endoscopy?

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  1. Yes, keep eating gluten.

  2. Not bad , made my throat a little sore / yes keep eating gluten .

  3. Ugh that’s awful, I feel so terrible already. I don’t want to keep eating poison

  4. They usually knock you out, so you don’t remember anything. But it’s painless & yeah continue eating it up until the procedure

  5. Yes to get an accurate result keep eating gluten and get it done asap

  6. Procedure was easy. You are knocked out. The procedure itself is only 5-15 minutes. I had no discomfort after the procedure but was told maybe sore throat and stomach ache (because of where they take the biopsies).
    Good luck.

  7. Besides getting stabbed in the hand for the IV, the procedure is no big deal at all. I’ve had much worse times at the dentist. Unfortunately you have to continue to eat gluten until your procedure.

  8. You’ll need a driver and can’t make any decisions on anything for hours after the procedure.

  9. When I tested positive for celiac I stopped eating gluten immediately. Then it was a month or more I had a endoscopy and colonoscopy the Dr could see the damage…it does not heal that quickly…..

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