What’s Morleys recommendation for chronic viruses?


What’s Morleys recommendation for chronic viruses? Let the body self-heal once the minerals are balanced? Or go in for the kill with some extra anti-virals?

I see colloidal silver is not recommended here, yet it is top of the list for many practitioners in treating all manner of chronic infections.

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  1. Why can Collidal silver not be used with Magnesium. I have chronic sinsus infections and I think Collidal silver works best for me.

  2. Bad for copper regulation


  3. Hands down, the most powerful anti-virals on the planet are AHCC or Del-Immune V. The Russians used Del-Immune V to save the lives of their biological warfare scientists when lab accidents occurred and a virus like small pox infected the staff.

  4. I would have to say Morley would want the person to get an HTMA and the recommended blood work to assess the degree of iron overload/low ceruloplasmin. Pathogens feed on iron, ceruloplasmin binds to copper, and creates powerful things like SOD that neutralize pathogens, and bound copper helps to get the iron out of storage.

  5. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering.

  6. That is a good question. I think I have chronic virus and/or fungus. I have had for a long time. I wondered the same thing. Wait it out and see if you can unload the iron that they are feeding on or do battle with them now while working on the mineral balance. I have an appointment with ND to try IV Ozone next week, but was running that through my mind, that if you don't take care of the iron overload, and copper imbalance is it a waste of time and $.

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