What’s the highest dose of levothyroxine?


Hey everyone what’s the highest dose of levothyroxine you’ve been on I’m on 200mcg x2 daily which is extremely high looking for another dr who doesn’t brush off my symptoms or questions

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  1. Wow. Sounds like you could do with some T3. For people who don't respond well to higher and higher doses of T4, some T3 can be very helpful.

  2. I'm on 175 mcg currently.

  3. I'm on 250mcg and liothyronine too twice a day, I've been on 350 Mcg unfortunately my thyroid isn't responding again and I'm absolutely wiped out I'm looking to learn about some natural and diet solutions, I have to try everything x

  4. I was on 175 mcg at one time. You must be so frustrated. Is there any way you can switch doctors? Doesn't sound like you are getting anywhere with this one.

  5. I was on 200mcg but after 9 months I swung hyper then my tsh rose to 151. It was a 3 year nightmare. Just be careful you don't swing hyper. Get your labs checked as often as your insurance allows.

  6. I'm taking 100mcg

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