What’s up with my D and what are the suggestions?


Greetings MagPies. I’m ready for a D-scussion. Here are my labs from 12/4/14: Ionized Calcium 1.12 Low (1.15-1.33 mmol/L), Mag RBC: 5.0 (4-6.4 mg/dL), vitamin D 25 OH: 32.8 (30-100 ng/mL), vitamin D 1,25 Dihydroxy 114 High (15-75 pg/mL),

For years I took from 5-10,000 IU of vitamin D/day attempting to bring up that vitamin D. Five months ago I dropped the vitamin D as well as Vitamin A (10,000 IU/day) and took up 1/2 teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil. I’ve been taking vitamin K (natto in olive oil) for some time. I take 75-150 mg calcium citrate/day, 75-150 mg magnesium citrate/day plus 375 mg of magnesium taurate/day….This has been for a couple of years. What’s up with my D and what are the suggestions?

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  1. Oh, well, do I need to make an appointment with Morley or an admin or something? How do I get an interpretation of these results after I went through Hell and High Water to wring these labs out of a doctor? Morley said to get them and then we could talk.

  2. Morley Robbins- can you take a look at these lab results?

  3. Magnesium Man is beginning to fade… 😉 (5am is wearing on me…)

    I see your #… Can you provide a timeline of when and how long you were taking Hormone-D, then Vit-A, then CLO, etc. Nothing fancy, and email it so that I can find it: [email protected]
    Also, brand names of products and whether your Vit-A is Beta Carotene or Retinol will be key…

    With NO real analysis, it is clear that you're Active/Storage is way too high (3.47) and your Vit-A became burned out by the excessive "D"rowning you undertook chasing that "D"ietary ghost…

    More later… 😉


  4. It's only 7:19 PM here in NY. Where are you located?

  5. Will do Magnesium Man…thanks!

  6. Morley Robbins I sent you an email with the info you requested, subject line: JSand D-scussion.

  7. Morley Robbins

  8. I have been attempting to bring down my 1,25 levels down. My first level was 100, now it is 83. Now my labs show parathyroid problems.

  9. is this a thread, Jennifer Sand?

  10. This is the thread from my original posting, yes, if that's what you're asking MJ Hamp.

  11. As Morley stated your ratio is high. Stop taking the D, continue taking your maggie and CLO, stop taking calcium supplements and obtain it from food sources. As a maintenance dose for mag you need 5mg per 1 lb of body weight. Your mag level is still low so you might want to increase. We strive for 6.5 and 7 being heaven.

  12. Hi Chris Boyce and thank you for your response! I already stopped the D, took the Maggie and the FCLO, all 5 months in advance of this posting, and these labs, so I'm on the right track there I guess. Morley asked me to email him some further info so I thought he might have something else in mind. He mentioned that my vitamin A became burned out by taking too much D….do you think I'll get enough A in the FCLO because I dropped taking the vit A when I started the FCLO? You said to stop taking the calcium but my ionized calcium is low so I keep taking it. Is ionized calcium not a good measure of calcium? My serum calcium is usually slightly lower than mid-range.

  13. Hello Chris Boyce Any further clarification on why you are suggesting I stop taking calcium if ionized calcium is low? Or is that just generally good advice to get it from food sources anyway? What foods should I focus on if I am unable to eat cruciferous vegetables, nuts, dairy, eggs, beans?

  14. Phyllis Bryant-Robinson
    How has your Mag RBC changed during that time?…

  15. Ionized calcium is the measure of calcium freely floating around that lands in you brain, arteries, joints and not where it belongs. I wouldn't want a high Ionized calcium level.

  16. Phyllis Bryant-Robinson
    So your Mg is 1/10th of click from getting on the MAG board… 😉

    And now that it's coming back, it's likely stirring the PTH pot, which is exactly what Mg is SUPPOSED to do… it regulates ALL three hormones that dictate levels and location of Calcium…

    All that said, what are you doing to assess or address the likely Copper dysregulation that is lurking in the background?…


  17. Morley Robbins can you address Jennifer Sand in her post? She is questioning her low ionized calcium level.

  18. Morley I kind of forgot about that copper problem! I am copper toxic. I am taking zinc 10 mg

  19. Jennifer Sand – the Mag RBC of 5.0 is quite low. I do hope you are working at it.

  20. Thanks MJ Hamp. Must have been all that vitamin D I was pumping down for so long. I would like to raise my magnesium but have been trying to learn more about which way to do it best first. Since I'm not reliable on the Epsom Salt soaks, have skin issues that get in the way of mag oil, worry about the bicarbonate in mag water (I have chronically low stomach acid), would you recommend that I just increase the mag taurate I've been using? I tried mag orotate and that had some unpleasant side effects. Or would it be better to go with the mag-lyte (I've been avoiding it due to exceptionally high shipping costs)? I'm still trying to decide if I should completely drop the Cal/Mag (citrate both), 75-150 a day, and replace with more straight magnesium….my serum calcium comes in low in the range and ionized calcium is low out of range. Thanks!

  21. Just don't drink Mag Water with meals and take HCl and digestive enzymes with meals. I would increase dietary calcium and stop the pills. Good luck to you.

  22. I already take beyond the recommended dose of HCl and digestive enzymes and have for years (hypothyroid and getting older). I will drop the Cal/Mag and work on dietary calcium. Up the magnesium to 750 mg (5 mg x my body weight) of magnesium taurate then? That would be twice what I'm taking now.

  23. Yes… remember, it will make more than the maintenance amount to increase Mg in the body. Slow is the way to go.

  24. Please get a HTMA asap. Your D hormone is fine if it is over 30. excess D increases calcium, which will lead to stones, plaque, spurs, shrinkage of the brain, dementia, heart disease, obesity, type 2 hypothyroidism, and so much more. The blood is only 5% of the body, 95% is in your cells. This is clearly discussed in chapter 2 and chapter 7 of the Calcium lie 2.

  25. Hello Robert Thompson I have an HTMA. Excess D is the devil, in so many ways, I see. Thanks for the reminder about The Calcium Lie….intended to read that.

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