What’s with these normal ranges for ceruloplasmin?


What’s with these normal ranges for ceruloplasmin?! Over the past 18 months I’ve used walkinlab, which uses LabCorp, to have my ceruloplasmin checked a few times. At first the normal range was 15 – 30, then it became 16 – 31. Just a little bump is fine. But then I noticed on this forum someone posting results from requestatest, which also uses LabCorp, and the normal range was 19 – 39!! We are talking about a 20% bump on the low end and a 30% bump on the high end. Does requestatest post their own normal ranges instead of using the LabCorp ranges?? Can other folks here verify what I am seeing? Any explanation?? Based on the lab results posted here I think the LabCorp range (16 – 31) seems more realistic.

I thought that normal ranges ordinarily reflect the lab results for 95% of the samples processed. Some variation between labs of +-10% is not unreasonable. And sometimes normal ranges are what have been used by convention for A LONG time, therefore questioning its validity (the 30 – 100 range for storage vitamin D comes to mind).

I do apologize if this subjects has been discussed before, … this is the first time I’ve seen this aberration.

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  1. Female and male Cp ranges are different. Female is 19-39. Male is 16-31

    For the MAG group Morley wants if I recall 33-35.

    I don't know if he sets levels differently for men and women though.

  2. Alan, thank you! I had no idea there were different ranges based on gender.

  3. It seems to me that Morley's recommendations are a bit more challenging for us guys. HIs suggestion of a Cp level of 33-35 means going beyond the upper range of Cp for men. Perhaps this is unrealistic? I think it would be tough for guys to have a Cu value of over 100, which I also believe is Morley's recommendation, and keep unbound Cu under 10%.

    … but I am not being critical of Morley. Probably 90% of the members on this forum are women and so his advice to them is probably spot on.

  4. Forget the lab "normal" and strive to reach optimal.

  5. I did not know he wants copper at 100.

  6. Larry Feuer
    One of the fastest ways to IMPROVE your health is to IGNORE the published Lab Ranges!…

    In the 1940's-50's, it was NOT unusual to see Cp (Ferroxidase) results in the 40's! That would be UNHEARD of today, as the elevated #'s ALL tie back to Acute Phase Protein form of Cp, that LACKS the Ferroxidase function…

    I now strive to get clients to get to 35 mg/dL in their Ceruloplasmin…


  7. Really? Wow. So you think it is not unreasonable for a man to have a Cp level of 35+?

  8. Larry Feuer
    Ferroxidase enzyme of 35-40…

    Immunoresponse Protein of "0"

    Our challenge, unfortunately, is that the commercial Labs will NOT distinguish the two, so we need to interperlate based on OTHER makers… Wouldn't want to make this too easy for us, now would they?!?… 😉

  9. I found this tid bit of info. I am sure Morley will have something to say on it. https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?ContentTypeID=167&ContentID=ceruloplasmin_blood

  10. My lab "normal" for ferrittin is 30-400. If not for this group, I would have thought my 168 was perfectly fine.

    • Hi justin, does this mean your ferritin of 168 was low? mine is 211 ug/l (range 30-400) (im in uk) but in range and never been told its low or anything?

  11. Larry Alan Morley Justin and others, for the benefit of the thousands of members of this group who do not live in the USA, please post the units of measurements of the blood tests you are discussing instead of just posting numbers. Thank you

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