What’s your favorite gluten free foods?


I see so many “woe is me, I can’t have (insert whatever damaging food) anymore” posts lately. What I’d RATHER hear is a positive attitude and what you absolutely LOVE about being GF and some of your favorite GF foods! We aren’t victims! We are warriors! Tell me what your favorite GF foods are!

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  1. I will say, this weekend I found that cinnamon raisin GF bagels aren’t too bad!

  2. I’m thankful for the Starbucks breakfast sandwich‚ only place I can really go through a drive thru now when my daughters napping in the car and I’m trying to pass time!

  3. Idk about favorite GF food, but I am thankful to feel better.

  4. I have been so negative about bread until I had the genius white rolls today. They taste just like bread. It’s great! I just have to stop myself eating all four at once.

  5. Being more responsible with what i eat, more fruit and veg, feel sooo much better with the food changes we have done

  6. I have always loved to cook and bake. At first I was sad but then I realized I can use it as a challenge. I really want angel food cake? But can’t find a gf version conveniently already made? Well hell, I’ll make one myself. I do that all the time. I feel accomplished when I make a comparable gf version. It tests my skills.

    For Thanksgiving last year, I told mine and my boyfriends families I wouldn’t be able to attend. Both families ignore my issue and I always feel sad and left out. (I picked Thanksgiving because it based entirely around food). I told everyone I was making an entirely gluten-free meal at my house and anyone who wanted was welcome to attend. I had a pretty nice turn out. Every one was super impressed with the meal, and even more so knowing it was all gluten-free. It was a perfect teaching moment. Ever since, my grandma- who came and was super impressed- has educated herself on Celiac and now every time I go over for a meal has offerings for me or makes sure what we’re having is GF. It feels so great!

  7. I always tell\nMe husband there is a big silver lining..i eat so many healthy, yummy foods! Never ate healthier…mmmm avocados

  8. I finally learned how to cook because of celiac disease!

  9. I’m doing really well. I have been gluten free for about 2 months now. I cook everything we eat. Any kind of meat, baked, gilled or fried (fried I coat with glute free flour) veggies. I found out that I had Celiac in July 2017. We raise a garden so fresh veggies are great. My husband is about 85 percent gluten free. I’m use to the gluten free life style now so it doesn’t really bother me anymore. The glute free cake mix Walmart brand is good.

  10. I mean you can still be positive and still miss some of your favorite foods?

  11. I love being gluten free I love cooking so I’m always experimenting

  12. My sweet & salty kettle corn!

  13. I love that i can eat pasta or a burger without having to sh** my pants after 2 bites!

  14. My yummy donuts

  15. I love quinoa with veggies, Carnival Chocolate Lava Cake, and Creme Brûlée! I love when I go out and an organization shows great care in preparing my food. I feel cared for!

  16. My hubby and daughter are so both gluten free and dairy free. We have become amazing cooks because of it. Our desserts are top notch.

  17. An inspiring story of a 5 year old who now is 13 about his “aunties food” – The first year I was diagnosed with Celiac my nephew came to visit & I told him we need to go into town to get groceries (we live on an acreage). He wanted to know why? I explained to him that what auntie ate might not be to his taste -” I’ll try it, I would rather stay here & do stuff with you” was his reply. Only thing he didn’t like was rice cakes – they tasted like card board! Fast forward to last year & my nephew says to me “I am sure glad you have Celiac Disease!” Of course I had to ask “why?” His reply ( a true foodie he is) -” because when you stay with us I get to try all kinds of different food that my mom and dad don’t usually cook!”

  18. We can become so strong, so healthy, so much better off. Think of gluten as our kryptonite, our chains that bring us down…NOT as an old friend that you are sad without! And remember….99% of all foods are gluten free. Just because the money hungry food companies of the last few generations have convinced you that their crappy packaged material junk is what you want (and have been conveniently stuffed it with dirt cheap wheat and other chemicals). We can still break free from the current convenient foods and buy and prepare real, healthy, wholesome, life-giving, delicious foods. When non gluten-free people come into my place to eat (ALWAYS my GF food) all I hear is how lucky we are to have such delicious foods….they often want my recipes or what brands I use. I do chuckle and tell them that they always have the option do cook gluten free also.

  19. My responding to a post about what I miss was not a “woe is me.” I love a good shrimp poboy and I can no longer have one…or Cane’s chicken tenders. But staying away from these foods keeps the intestines happy. So no “woe is me” here. Just being honest…

  20. Thank you!!!!!

  21. Wow, ..”woe is me… “Might want to taste them words before spitting them out.

  22. I love Mexican food!

  23. My 11 year old daughter is now 2 months gf and has enjoyed the sausages as they’re a better quality of meat with little filler. I’m currently making her a carrot cake (only because I juiced the carrots to make soap) She’s learning to live without fluffy yummy bread so we hardly have it in the house now to be fair for her. She enjoys making dinners with me and does fend for yourself on Fridays with her older brother. I buy her gf crumbed fish which she loves. She’s never complained and without dieting has lost 3kgs this year of being bloated. She’s a healthy 18% fat.

  24. I found out I have an undying love of butterfingers. So there’s that!

  25. I know what you mean but yes you can be positive and yes you can still miss the foods you used to eat but we can also learn how to make them gf

  26. I LOVE that when people bring treats to work, I can simply say “no thanks” and there are no questions asked. 😀 IT doesn’t bother me one bit.

  27. I started a new job today and told my manager I’m Celiac. She said ‘oh, we have another person on the team with Celiac, so anytime there’s a celebration or treats, we always have GF stuff.’ ☺️

  28. I feel so much better eating GF… I’m not not only gluten intolerant… but dairy…sugar and carb(bread/pasta/potato)intolerant! It bloats me up with water for days until it’s gone…I now have to eliminate high FODMAPS from my diet and then slowly add them back in one at a time… so with that said… as long as I end up feeling better and my I’m not bloated in my stomach and the burning is gone… I’m good with whatever I have to eat! Dairy inflames my joints…sugar makes my stomach burn as does coffee and can stir up my gout… corn affects me too…it’s important to keep our body’s more alkaline… if too acidic… diseases start…my son has Celiac since he was 9.., he is now 39… wasn’t diagnosed until he was 18… they knew nothing about it back then… so today people are so lucky with the knowledge that’s available and newer ingredients other than rice! So stay positive and be glad you only have gluten intolerance! Buy that book!

  29. I found the best bread at a GF bakery!! It’s great to enjoy sandwiches again. And I have more energy without gluten. That’s a plus for sure!

  30. I’m new to this whole thing. I got my diagnosis one week ago. I’m glad to see there are so many positives. I admit to feeling mostly overwhelmed since last Monday, but my good thing was getting in touch with a friend whose son was diagnosed 5 years ago. Life got in the way, and we fell out of touch. I was reminded that there are awesome people in the world, and a cup of tea with a friend is better than any slice of bread out there.

  31. I made Mexican lasagna for supper tonight 🙂

  32. Awesome!!!

  33. I actually have no idea.
    I found out about Reese’s peanuts butter cups ❤
    And I had to force myself to learn how to cook so I guess that’s positive ? Cause now at the bright age of 28 I can finally cool other stuff than rice and pasta.
    Other than that I don’t see ANYTHING positive. I am sad every time I eat and I spend most of my time figure out what to eat. Not to mention I have been broke for a while and it’s worse now. I use to be ok, now I have to go a few days without food every now and then cause I have no money and can’t afford fucking shitty gf food. ?
    And the feeling of having lost the little control I had over my body forever. I’m just a slave to my body now.

    I’m so glad to see this post tho it shows me it’s not so bad !!
    Thank you ❤ all of you are really helping me, even if you don’t know it !

  34. I was a vegetarian since I was 10 years old, for over 22 years. I had to go back to meat when I was diagnosed since I couldn’t eat rice, corn or beans for very long afterwards and all of my old vegetarian alternates had wheat in them.

    I have grown to love chicken and made and tried my first ever chicken curry. It was the most amazing thing ever! I now make it whenever I can get 2 lbs of chicken breasts for a good deal, it makes the house smell so good for days afterwards and I’m sad that I missed out on this amazing cuisine growing up, but glad I can eat and enjoy it now.

  35. Creamed eggs from Cadbury!!! yay!

  36. I have been enjoying various GF brownie recipes and making sushi at home.

  37. I’m Grateful that I’m not sick anymore, and I love so many foods but French fries are one of my favourite😋💛 thank you

  38. 💪🏻

  39. I love that on a gluten free diet, my daughter is growing and is healthy. She feels so much better and can run and play. I love not having to lay down after eating. I can eat and go for a walk or play with my kids and dog. I love feeling better!! I can still enjoy steak or chicken, baked potatoes, corn on the grill. I can still have ice cream, corn dogs and tacos.

  40. I love that going gluten free has healed my body and mind state!

  41. We are blessed to have a solution to our health issue, as easy as diet change. Key is to do it right, not with the Standard American Gluten Free Diet, that actually brings more disease. Fact of the matter is, most health issues out there would respond to diet and lifestyle change, if people would just take the initiative. We live in a toxic world, it is up to you, not your doctor to do the things in your power to avoid or reduce your exposure to them.

  42. I love that I have an answer for why I had such a tough time with being regular & my resolution is in food changes, not ??. I love that I spend time understanding what I am feeding my daughter (also has celiac) & me. I even changed careers to help others because of my experience to teach others & so they don’t have to shorten their lives through food choices as my mom did. Erin McKennas bakery at Disney is one of my favorite splurges, but we have multiple go to favorites.
    I agree with you on some of the negativity & fear tactics I have seen on here at times. That’s why I started another group for those wanting to have positive celiac support. It’s still a small growing community, but hits that focus area.

  43. I can have whatever I want. Learn to cook

  44. Let’s be real this disease sucks ?? honestly after being diagnosed with celiac I lost well over 70 pounds and I feel so much better! I rarely buy GF alternatives and even cut back on my rice and potatoes use. If I’m buying GF stuff I buy GF treats rarely. I have a love hate relationship with Celiac! I hate how difficult it is for me to eat out but I love that I feel healthy and have managed to keep all my extra weight off just by actually paying attention to what I eat and drink! Being Celiac has opened my eyes and helped me keep myself accountable and healthy.

  45. Chocolate, meat, cheese, sweet potatoes, most fruits, and Chex (not the wheat type, of course).

  46. Mostly grateful to feel better again! And I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of a lot of gf foods.

  47. I’m happy to feel better everyday !!!! Also, so many more choices in GF food , it’s amazing ! grandma’s food choices were nothing like today. I’m grateful for really understanding Husband and kids too ! They are awesome

  48. Redbridge gluten free beer, and finally found a good bread from Trader Joe’s!! Bread and beer were my favs, so I’m so happy I found an alternative that tastes good. If you know of any more gf beers let me know!! ?? not a fan of cider beers

  49. Found a GF craft brewery in Pittsburgh. I like dark beers and they are the best I’ve tasted. http://www.aurochsbrewing.com/

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