When buying sausage, does it say gf on it?


Hey guys, sorry I have another question! When buying sausage, does it say gf on it? Also my mother gave me her kitchen aid and she does have the sausage attachment for it. Does anyone make their own or have a good recipe they could share with me?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Not always but you'll see dairy products or gluten products in the ingredient list

  2. I buy sausage that actually says gf. It's really good. Not sure if it's df.

  3. I only buy it if it's labeled GF

  4. Even if it doesn't list wheat ingredients, there's always a chance it is made on the same machines as sausages with wheat crumbs- fillers. I don't risk it unless it actually states GF.

  5. Aldi has gluten free chicken sausage and it's really good. I am also allergic to pork so I have tried a lot of substitution products.

  6. Yeah that's actually what I have in my fridge right now but as for the larger tube like one of hot sausage or what ever I never looked..

  7. Not only wheat, it could have barley, rye, etc that are gluten, that are not one of the top 8 allergens and so don't have to be explicitly labeled

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