When can you stop and still have your period?


I have a question about birth control in general. The reason I started it was because my periods stopped. I’ve been on it almost 3 months. When can you stop and still have your period?

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  1. Oh good to know!

  2. It would have been your body. The pill gives you an artificial cycles that will last as long as you take it – it's not possible for it to affect your natural cycles.

  3. It changed mine. I was back to normal….i used to get mine every 4-6 months. Took birth control for a year and they regulated after that.

    Unless it was my body that fixed on its own? :-/

  4. As soon as you discontinue use, you will return to your original cycle. The pill does not permanently change your cycles.

  5. Oh no… so sorry to hear that. 🙁 hope everyhing goes well for you this time around…:)

  6. Okay that's good. I wanted to do it longer because I don't want to try for another little one (miscarried in October last year with twins and had to have them flushed out in December) until we have at least one year under our belt before trying again.

  7. If he said 3 months should do it. Then i think you should be fine. 🙂

  8. When I asked him at the beginning (changed Drs because he said I was too fat to get pregnant) and he said 3 months should do it but I want to continue until right before our 1 year anniversary

  9. I think it should… it depends on how your body works. You have been on it for 3 months. And another 4 is 7. It wont hurt to stop. But theres no guarantee that your periods will regulate after that. Thats what i think anyways. But not 100% sure. You can ask advice from your doctor. He/she may know better

  10. I would love to do it just until we are past a year for marriage which is in 4 months. Would that work or no?

  11. When i used it for regulating my period i was on it for a year and then stopped. And i was regular.

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