When I do epsom salts, I feel panicky


Help! I am reacting to magnesium! Magnesium citrate- a get a itchy rash Magnesium Malate and mag threornate – burning in esophagus (acid reflux??) and burping/gas. WHen I do epsom salts -I feel panicky. What is going on??

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  1. Are you ok

  2. Make sure to stay plenty hydrated

  3. Citrate gives me migraines and I've seen several other people say they react to it. Malate should be taken in the morning as it can give you energy and make it hard for you to sleep. Do you have any underlying digestive issues? A lack of stomach acid is what causes indigestion normally. Definitely make sure you are well hydrated, especially when using Epsom salt.

  4. Mag chloride in the bath or foot soak…it doesn't rely on a compromise digestive system. Chelated is easier on the gut in my experience.

  5. I started putting Epsom salts in my cats water dispenser and it holds a little over a gallon. I only put a pinch but it caused him to have severe diarrhea. Costs me almost $500 dollars at the vet to get it turned around. His blood work showed that his white count was low. Red was ok. It has taken three weeks to turn him around. He is better than ever now with tons of energy. I finally used organic pumpkin and that helped as much as the meds. It also affected his kidneys. He got fluids twice.

  6. Epsom salt can be used internally as a very intense bowel cleanser! It should not be taken internally except if you intend to have severe diarrhoea as part of a well informed guided protocol.

  7. magnesium is known to be hard on sensitive guts. I cant take it either i do injections and baths and transdermal x

  8. Epsom salt baths aren't a good option if you're sensitive to sulfur. Use Mg Chloride flakes instead.

  9. Gay Johnstone-Bourbeau
    I would advise you to assess your overall mineral status BEFORE proceeding… Good advise ^^^^ to go transdermal, but it's ALWAYS best to supplement w/ minerals in context…

    A votre sante!

  10. Another way to supplement Mg is via foods.
    Raw hulless pumpkin seeds
    dark chocolate/cocoa
    stabilized rice bran

  11. don't take it on empty stomach

  12. Mag glycinate. If ur having a reaction take a bunch of activated charcoal w food. Be fine.

  13. Gay, FWIW, Morley is the BEST at doing HTMA's. I previously had no success with them because the KEY is the Practitioner who knows best how to interpret them firstly, then what to tell you to do on how to fix the problems, secondly and most importantly. You will be well served to work with Morley.

  14. Check chart I posted.

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