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I have a question every time I eat pizza at a restaurant I end up in the bathroom for hours with the runs. Is there something in pizza that would cause that to happen. I know I can’t eat sausage so I try and stay away from any thing that has sausage in it but I know it can still get into it. Is there a pizza that doesn’t have glutin in it

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  1. It’s cross contamination, flour in the air for 24 hrs dough touching everything using the same shared oven. If a pizza place doesn’t have their own area to cook and own dedicated oven most likely you will be contaminated

  2. I know I love eating there but it does not agree with me afterward

  3. Well your probably doing damage too

  4. Pizza crust is made from flour, and could have some in the sauce depending on what sauce is on it.

  5. When I had the light ran down me they said that my intestines looked like they had been felit and was flat all around and didn’t have like the

  6. They said the way it should look was like the way carpet is but it was all flat and smooth all the way down. And that it was so bad that it could turn into cancer if I did not watch how I ate. Said that it was worse than when I had the endoscopic done in 2008

  7. The cheese? I had to cut out dairy cause I notice the same.

  8. My intolerance actually started with this same result from eating pizza, after I got infected with E. coli. Happened every time, within minutes of eating the pizza. Since diagnosis, I haven’t touched gluten pizza since

  9. I didn’t think about it like that. I know with some things that has milk in it and with pizza I get that way.

  10. Could be lactose intolerant

  11. Costco pizza gluten free so far the best

  12. I know I also have to watch what I eat do to migraines so I’m just screwed all the way around

  13. Pizza is gluten. You can’t eat that unless you buy the gf pizza (try Costco-it’s the best)

  14. see i not only have a gluten problem i also have chronic severe migraines and am missing my gall bladder so i cant win for loosing on this battle. I am down to where do i eat it and spend the rest of the night in the bathroom or do i eat it and get a migraine? so i eat it and suffer afterwards no matter what

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