When i take Magnesium, i feel great for the first days


I have a theory.

When i take Magnesium, i feel great for the first days, amazing mood, depression-free, high energy et cetera. Then i get heart palpitations, crashing blood sugar, fight or flight mode and a very very weak feeling in my body. I’ve been working to solve it, so to finally become depression-free. I’ve always assumed this was an electrolyte-imbalance of some sort, but adding Potassium et cetera didn’t seem to help.

Then i realised.

These are the exact symptoms of Vitamin B6-deficiency. Even with details such as blood sugar-issues, muscle weakness and so on.

Apparently, Magnesium deficiency also causes B6-deficiency, and B6 is needed for proper cell-metabolism of Magnesium.

Could it be that maybe you are “using up” your B6-levels if you supplement Magnesium without it? And they are low in the first place, due to Magnesium-deficiency? And the weird reaction is B6-deficiency?


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  1. Same thing happens with me I'm on all the protocols and do.
    take half a teaspoon B pollen every day. I do still have the heart palps going every few days. Otherwise I feel great and have lots of energy.

  2. (I do know the recommendation here is supplementing B6 with Magnesium, before anyone points that out. I'm just interested in the mechanics, since that could provide the breakthrough i need for my own case. Also slightly academically interested! 😀 )

  3. I can't find any real science whatsoever saying there is such a thing as "fast oxidizer". Heart palpitations are a symptom of B6-deficiency also, and a myriad of other things, it doesn't necessarily have to be Potassium even though it is one likely cause. Edit: Answer to removed comment.

  4. How do you keep your magnesium/potassium balanced?

  5. Depends on other issues…
    You may need adrenal support.
    B is combined with mag
    If thyroid is off you may need mega doses of B maybe B12 injections till level up…

  6. Yes, maggie and B6 are co-factors. When adding one, you will need to compensate the other. We are all experiencing different MBR's (magnesium burn rate per Morley Robbins) depending upon stress, diet and lifestyle which we need to balance using bee pollen and beef liver for our routine B vitamin intake. While your theory does resonate on this level, your symptoms more closely resemble adrenal fatigue symptoms in my experience. What kind of potassium supplementing did you do?

  7. This is why magnesium supplements have b6 in them. Cofactors

  8. Caffeine & alcohol can cause or contribute to a lot of similar symptoms. For me ..not being hydrated enough also causes/added to palpitations…can also contribute to other symptoms like anxiety. Dr Carolyn Dean has an article.."when magnesium makes me worse" some of these factors might be contributing to a paradoxial reaction. Where u feel worse due to extreme deficiency . What's your RBC? You might need to start lower and increase slower to get that consistent relief. U might be at too high a dosage for your body to acclimate too but the fact that you're getting initial relief tells me that your on the right track. What form do u take and how much?

    there's this ongoing forum on anxiety that i've read ..the OP got relief from a combination of taking magnesium & a product called amino fuel by twinlabs -often used by body builders. Certain lifestyle choices, pharmaceuticals, diet, stress ect deplete these. The posts have gone on for 7 years or so with many getting relief with the protocol …here's a link: http://anxietyforum.net/forum/showthread.php?4408-Amino-Acids-and-Magnesium-cured-my-Anxiety

  9. Have you ever tested or measured your urinary pyrrole levels gor pyroluria?

  10. Personally I think you could be right. I was having heart palpitations, shortness of breath, , adrenaline rushes, insomnia, and muscle jerking and convulsions at sleep onset. I was getting maybe 2 hours of sleep per night and spent over a year trying every possible supplement with nothing that helped. Meds dr's gave me to sleep did nothing for me either. I finally read about P5P and tried it and it has changed everything. P5P is the active form of B6. It wasn't until I joined this group that I discovered B6 is a cofactor to magnesium and helps get magnesium into our cells where it belongs. Also some people for some reason (pyroluria I believe) can't properly convert B6 to P5P in their liver so even if they have enough B6 it's possible their body isn't able to use it properly, and taking P5P eliminates that conversion step. You might want to give it a shot.

  11. This is interesting! I have Atrial Fibrillation and supplement with mag taurate, mag glycinate, vit B complex and potassium. No longer have the prolongued and alarming Afib attacks like before, but have been having daily palpitations lasting a few seconds to a minute, and quite a few times a day. I think they may be ectopics but they pass before I can get out my heart monitor. Anyway, we had visitors for a few days and I was run off my feet which meant I failed to take my supplements. After the first day, I had no more episodes, no palps etc. I'm now wondering if I was over-supplementing, particularly as I eat a wholefood diet so am probably getting a fair few minerals already. Food for thought.

  12. I thought a lot of B6 was needed in the production of magnesium… Increasing yr consumption of foods rich in vitamin B6 might resolve it

  13. Can also be related to oxalate in your diet. We see people on the Trying Low Oxalates group who increase magnesium and mobilize stored oxalate in the body with very similar symptoms

  14. Only take B6 supplements if a blood test reveals your levels are low. HIgh levels of B6 can cause permanent nerve damage and a host of other serious medical problems. I started having neuropathy in my feet, and thank God someone in one of these groups mentioned it and I was able to stop taking supplemental B6 before it got permanent. An excess of B6 is not just peed out.

  15. Henrik Sandbacka I haven't read this whole thread, but B6 is a part of this protocol, so if you're following this protocol how could you possibly get B6 deficiency?

  16. Throid issues also can cause palpitation. And if u have palpitation 1 hour after food intake check ur sugar level as well.

  17. Yes, there is such a thing as B6 toxicty. IIve shared this before too. Consider just the B pollen and not a a supplement.

  18. I've you're b6 sensitive, shouldn't bee pollen be excluded?

  19. B vitamins are water soluble, and most people excrete them every day in urine if they take more than needed. Some people are not good at clearing B6, and that can build up to toxic levels.

    I suspect that Henrik Sandbacka clears B6 from his body fairly well, or he wouldn't be getting these deficiency symptoms with magnesium supplementation. I think if he had the ability to store extra B6 (with the risk that it could become toxic) he would have likely had enough bodily stores already to prevent the deficiency symptoms.

    This is not a guarantee, of course- too little intake of B6 can also cause that to happen. I would suggest starting on B vitamin rich foods and/or a balanced B complex and see how things go. Your doctor can test you for B6 and B 12 levels at your next checkup. Since it takes a while to build up toxicity, and you're likely deficient already, it's probably safe to start the supplement even if you can't get the blood test for a few months.

  20. But wouldn't taking bee pollen be considered supplementing and therefore contributing to the toxicity?

  21. I tried Magnesium Glycinate (500mg) together with 50mg B6 (P5P) today. Same effect from Magnesium. Depression and anxiety-free at first, but then, soon, muscle weakness, heart palpitations, weird feeling in body and so on.

    B6 was not the answer apparently.

  22. Maybe to much at one time.

  23. Henrik Sandbacka
    What is your overall Mineral status as assessed by HTMA and/or blood?…

    What is your overall Methylation status?…

  24. Thyroid and adrenals

  25. For heavens sake, thank you for starting such an interesting thread, head back to allopathic and keep doing what your doing, it's not working for you but hey, it's based on science so it must be ok!

  26. The proof is in the puddin. Not trying to make light but when I followed Morley Robbins protocol after HTMA, when modern medicine failed me, I am a new woman. A pleasant surprise I was NOT expecting. So with that I will add the mag depletes potassium (thus the yucky feeling and increase palps). Once I took the adrenal replenish seriously I rarely get that yucky feeling. In fact I have never felt better than I do today! It's a balancing act.

  27. BTW, you have no idea how many full time practicing medical practitioners are on the page. They know your science, they have advanced training in it. Fact, these folk know they don't have all the answers and their minds are open to learning. Their beliefs don't stop them from considering other tools for their treatment armory.

  28. Jeannie Berezan read this

  29. HTMA, BBT's. and supplement correctly.

  30. I am sure Big Pharma Hospital Industry "science" is not biased in any way :/ ( sarcasm).

  31. I think he has left the group, which is a shame. Being broad minded & willing to gather facts can be a real asset. Even if you are a "science based" only thinker, there is so much proof in this group with thousands of people gaining benefits from Morley & other's expertise. So why can't they keep part of their mind more open minded?

    Everyone has given so many good suggestions & I just wanted to add that if magnesium protocol simply isn't working, then methylation could be an issue. I've had a lot of issues with a variety of supp's & I get either wired or tired or both. Sometimes very quickly, other times it can take a bit longer. But I have issues with blockage/s in my methyl cycle. At first it appeared that I only had a MTHFR & a COMT issue, but it's more than that. Just waiting to get results now. While there's an issue with the methyl cycle, supps can leave us feeling not quite right. Some supps are also big methyl donors & we will feel the affects sooner.

  32. Damn if he left, he asked good questions and received good replies

  33. Hannah Da Silva …read this thread, some of this pertains to our conversation….great info!

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