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When purchasing ingredients for the adrenal cocktail, co-factors, and other protocols here, is it safe to buy from Amazon or is it recommended to buy from a “brick & mortar” health store? I see prices can vary between the two, but didn’t know if quality is questioned because of that. Also considering if packages are left in the heat during shipment and jeopardize the benefits of the ingredients. What has been your experience?

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  1. I'm an Amazon Prime junkie. I've not had any problems.

  2. care advised on Amazon if price seems suspiciously low. Esp with something like essential oil for example. best to use recognized brands or check thru reviews for any low ratings. sensitive items need to be skipped while temps over 90, avoid shipping thru heat. (local shops often do charge full retail)

  3. For essential oils its best to buy right from the manufacturer. But for other things, I try to look for the products sold by the manufacturer. But i have not yet had a problem with suppliments.

  4. Vitacost is typically cheaper than Amazon and Vitacost shipped my probiotic with a ice pack.

  5. Some go right to Swanson Vitamins online for cost savings on various name brands of all description. (mostly not their house brand so much)

  6. I buy all of mine through Life Extension. You pay a one time fee, get free shipping as well as build up free money every time you order. I purchase my Adrenal vitamins and Thyroid vitamins plus many other vitamins. http://www.lifeextension.com/

  7. It's fine to buy online. It can be hard to find many of these supplements in local stores. I do live in an area with a great variety of natural food stores nearby, but I still shop online because it's significantly cheaper.

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