When tested my iron is very low


When tested my iron is very low. It is 7. Anyone know what the fastest and best way to increase iron levels. Huge fatigue.

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  1. Instead of liver, chicken innards, like heart, gizzard, pork feet, beef tripes , and stomach are supposed to be blood builders as well. Would that be more acceptable taste wise ?

  2. Iron Protein Plus by Life Extension is the O N L Y iron supplement I will ever take!!! This iron is already bound to the protein molecule it needs, so no GI upset or constipation. Works fast too. If you take one 3X/day for 30 days you will see your iron level pop right up. Then twice a day for 1-2 months, then once per day for another month.

    With a level at 7 you need to stop the bleeding. Taking iron doesn't solve the problem if the problem is GI or vaginal bleeding. If you don't know why it's this low, go see your doctor. (If it's neither issue mentioned above, you should consider hook worms. They drink 1 cc of blood, per worm per day. It can really add up. PM me if you need an effective parasite killer.)

  3. I've been wearing a copper bracelet for the last couple weeks. Hoping it helps in some way

  4. I agree with Barbara. Heavy periods and parasites were the cause of my anemia. No amount of whole vitamin c or iron-rich foods are going to raise your iron levels if you're bleeding heavily or little buggies are gobbling up your iron.

    My heavy periods started at age 44 due to unopposed estrogen. Bioidentical progesterone has substantially reduced my periods – yay, no more flooding and ruining countless underpants and jeans 🙁

    (Copper levels were checked and no deficiency. I had low zinc though. I possibly could have worked on my zinc levels to get my progesterone up but my situation was desperate and blood transfusions were imminent if I didn't get the bleeding under control.)

  5. Floradix natural iron supplement works like a dream! Comes in liquid or tablets. Safe for pregnant women and breast feeding too! (y) This is UK amazon link http://www.amazon.co.uk/Floradix-Floravital-Vitamin-Formula-Liquid/dp/B002F5GESU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1420061162&sr=8-1&keywords=floradix+iron

  6. that is good to know, my ferritian was 5 but Dr said storage was fine. so it is encouraging to know copper just maybe the answer 🙂

  7. I'm sure someone has already asked for clarification, but when you say "iron

  8. Michelle Stewart it is interesting that your copper levels were fine and you had a parasite as i was lead to beleive parasites only survive if low copper :/

  9. Check the floradix – I believe it has ascorbic acid in it.

  10. Genelle Young, I think I was so depleted from losing so much blood for over a year that the bugs were able to get in. My HTMA copper was 2.7. My blood copper was 104. Unbound 10%. Cp 31. Zn 69. Mag RBC 5.8.

  11. Genelle Young, my HTMA showed the 4-low pattern, also called "end of life pattern". That was exactly how I felt. Dr Wilson says parasites are very common in this profile.


  12. Jan, I couldn't choke down the cooked liver as Morley suggested so I take these: Dessicated Liver tablets:
    However, you won't get the added benefit of yummy bacon grease and onions as Morley suggested! LOL.
    This is my third time in 5 years trying to amp up low ferritin/iron, so I am doing it right this time, with the whole food C, etc. I will be having a follow up blood test in 3 weeks, so I'm certain the proof will be there. I am confident it will be fine because from what I've learned here, I'm doing all the right things now. Years back, I almost got talked into getting iron IV's from an internet forum and again, from what Morley says, am sooooo glad I did not do that. Something told me that was the wrong thing to do. I'll post my results when I get them back.

  13. That would be great Lisa

  14. So now I have a problem. If I can't take iron then I can't take my ReMag. It gives me the runs without the iron. Back to square one.

  15. Michelle Stewart – what is the 4 low pattern end of life?

  16. Fe-20 by Biotech doesn't have any fillers. Blackstrap Molasses. Your doc should've suggested iron IV at that level.

  17. My ferritin is really low too. I am taking blood builder. How do I find out if my copper is low? I am losing my hair like crazy. How much whole food vitamin c do you take? I can't eat liver so how much desiccated liver should I take? Please help!!!

  18. I've been taking 2 tablets of dessicated liver with food twice a day. Hair loss is most often related to hypothyroid. If it's that noticeable, that's probably the reason. Also, outer third of eyebrows will thin noticeably if hypothyroid.

  19. Shenita, Morley has explained in an earlier post here that doing an iron IV would be extremely detrimental because it shuts down Copper metabolism. I know folks who have gotten them and had very bad effects. I don't think dumping a lot of iron in the bloodstream is a good idea anyway, but Morley did explain the science behind why this group recommends the Whole Food Vitamin C with the Copper atom at the core, to release the body's stores of iron, and building it naturally that way.

  20. I take about 500mg of Whole Food Vit C daily and 4 Desiccated Liver tablets — will have to check the dosage amount, but that is what's recommended on the bottle. Vit C is Pure Radiance and the liver tablets are by Perfect Supplements

  21. Liquid Chlorophyll is a PERFECT blood builder. Chlorophyll is the "blood" of plants and it is only one molecule different from the human red blood cell. Very effective at building the blood!

  22. Excuse my ignorance — but what exactly does a blood builder do? Increase red blood cells or strengthen those you have?

  23. I was told that by taking blood builder it will raise my ferritin

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  25. So am I wasting my time with this if I am trying to raise my ferritin?

  26. Nicole, this does have whole food oranges in it, so that will definitely help contribute. I can't speak to the S. Cerevisiae which appears to be brewer's yeast because I know nothing about that.
    All I can tell is you what I've had success with: The Whole Food Vitamin C supplements; Morley likes Innate Response Whole Food C. I personally take Truly Natural C which is simply Acerola Cherry Powder, which I get from Amazon or Vitacost. The Dessicated Liver Tablets are a booster. And I take Rosehips in capsule form. I also take an herbal combination that has herbs which are high in, again, whole food iron, they are plants high in iron, such as Red Beet Root (which MJ Hamp has already suggested here), burdock, Yellow dock, Red Raspberry & Mullein.
    I have a background in Homeopathy, so I also supplemented with some Ferrum Phos 6X Cell Salts for a couple of weeks, to give myself a headstart.
    So to actually answer your question, I don't think that particular product is enough. You'll need a stronger version of whole food C.

  27. Thanks Lisa. Should I stop the iron and just take whole food c and dessicated liver?

  28. Mmm, yes. Stop the iron. Your blood builder product is not bad, it's just not enough of what you need. Do a search in the upper right hand corner for threads that talk about the Whole Food Vitamin C; you can use: Rosehips, Acerola Cherry powder, Camu Camu. And you can get it from different places, depending on how you want to take it, bulk powder, capsules, etc.
    Morley's favorite: http://www.amazon.com/Innate-Response-Formulas-Vitamin-Supplement/dp/B000JM7K52/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1420090529&sr=8-2&keywords=innate+response+c
    It will depend on your budget and what form you wish to take.

  29. I loooove liver

  30. Lisa what about folate and vitamin b12. I was told you need that along with vit c to absorb the iron.

  31. Also if you have low stomach acid iron won't absorb. Thoughts?

  32. Supplementing at therapeutic levels needs to be done carefully, as iron stresses your system if you take too much to absorb/utilize and the extra floats around. Once on a reasonable daily dose, you're blood should pick it up fast enough, presuming you're diet is balanced. Avoid coffee and tea and any highly acidic foods while taking iron, don't take zinc at the same time, and take Vit C with it.

  33. I thought you have to have an acidic stomach to absorb the iron Robert?

  34. Ok Morley. With all this great info this is what my fatigued brain tells me to do.
    Take whole food vit c 800g daily
    Stop taking iron
    Stop taking ReMag
    Use Mag a hol for my mag

    Should I take dessicated liver?
    Continue taking Relyte?

  35. Is the Innate response C complete powder just as good as the C-400 ?

  36. Why stop ReMag?

  37. Maureen it gives me the runs and iron stops the runs. Si u can't take one without the other

  38. I looked at Innate Response on Amazon. Looks like a good product, but this review caught my eye (I have had candida issues). Thoughts? "After starting this I have yellow tongue and white in the morning. One friend has eaten innates for 5 month and has same tongue and fungal infection on his fingers. "Studies" say it won't give candida but go figure who's behind those studies. Also s. cerviasea will convert estrogen to estradiol. Maybe that's why we both had immediate side effects from colostrum when we started taking that."

  39. molasses if you like the taste………works slowly but surely….bb

  40. Molasses is good for iron absorption?

  41. My Dr told me to take Blackstrap Molasses. I cannot stomach it.

  42. Idea from a previous post, heat up a cup of coconut milk and stir a spoonful of the Blackstrap Molasses in – it is good. But, trying to determine if this would block the absorption of iron from the molasses. Does anybody know?

  43. Nicole Inzeorose the 4 low pattern is low calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium on the HTMA.

  44. Lisa Parker I believe chlorophyll contains copper – perfect for raising low iron

  45. Excellent Michelle I will start that

  46. I just started taking Floradix and feel better with it– someone suggested it a while ago and im happy i found it– Any idea where to buy except on line???

  47. How much blackstrap molasses – 1 tspn or tbspn. And is this everyday ?

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