When you bake with it, does it lose it’s health properties?


Honey Question: When you bake with it, does it lose it’s health properties? I read that it’s not good to heat it beyond a certain temperature, I can’t remember what that was… I use it in gluten-free muffins & hate to think I’m wasting my wonderful honey.

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  1. There is a sweetener called Laktano, sold by the RawFoodWorld, that is zero glycemic, and natural. Any sweetener that you use, if raw, will have it's properties destroyed by heat, and yes, raw honey is amazing healing stuff, and hard to find, as "unpasteurized" does not mean raw.

  2. I'll have to find some real maple syrup! It's so expensive.

  3. Maple Syrup is a good sweetener too.

  4. Thanks! I was trying to think of what to use for a sweetener. Dates would help. I also use very ripe bananas. I never heard of coconut nectar!

  5. Ayurvedic wisdom teaches that honey becomes mucus forming and somewhat toxic when cooked. I feel that it is best to use honey raw. Use maple syrup or coconut nectar for cooking.

  6. Thank you… I buy mine from bee keepers.

  7. Raw honey is alive. It contains enzymes. The predominant enzymes in honey are diastase (amylase), invertase (α- glucosidase) and glucose oxidase. These enzymes will die from heating the honey, even putting it in tea that is boiling hot. It will still contain most of the nutrients but not all. If you buy it from a grocery store and it does not say RAW, then it is doubtful that it even is raw and possibly adulterated so it does not matter. For raw honey, always find a local supplier at your tailgate markets.

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