When you eat Apple seeds?


When you eat Apple seeds do you eat the entire thing or just the little seed inside the shell.

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  1. yes the bitter one's

  2. yes the bitter one's

  3. Oh ok. Well I'm just learning myself but from other comments I've gathered, you need the bitter ones, and they taste bitter too!

    Kym, not sure which seed you're asking about but for apple you eat the entire thing. That's what was said yesterday.

  4. No sweet apricot kernals do not have b17 from what I have researched about them the one's I have taste like almonds.

  5. If I'm following. Break the seed. 🙂 eat the pulp

  6. Oh. I don't know. I've never tried either, so I couldn't tell. Maybe you could return them. Do the sweet have B17 as well?

  7. But they are not bitter but I still take them I think I got ripped off not happy.

  8. Mine are supposed to be bitter that's what it says on the product.

  9. At the local health food store where I bought the apricot kernals they told me that the non bitter apricot kernals. Still have B17 don't what to believe now.

  10. Right. So are you eating those? Can you buy them bitter or sweet.?

  11. Yes there is the more bitter they are the more B17 they have from what I read about them.

  12. I think there is a difference in the bitter and sweet kernels.

  13. I bought a bag of Organic Traditions Apricot kernals last week most of the kernals so far have not been bitter at all.

  14. Maybe grind them. You can buy one of those ceramic grinding bowls. You know what I'm taking about? Idk the name. I bet it would help though! I was just told you can't swallow them whole because they'll pass whole and you'll miss the nutrients.

  15. I read the above comment on chewing the seeds from Kristina Moore (thanks for the answer!!) however what if you have dentures or no teeth?

  16. Where do you get the seeds?

  17. My chiropractor told me to eat 6 apricot seeds a day for prevention

  18. I did IV of B-17 for 18 days in my 7th pregnancy. You should see how healthy Victoria is now. My little sweetheart. I glad I listened to the Mexcian doctors

  19. Yes. Look it up. Good information on them!

  20. I thought they would be good for you!
    So I need to look up apricot "kernels"

  21. I eat the whole apple….hasn't killed me yet.

  22. Chew them so you get all the nutrients.

  23. do you chew the seed or can they be swallowed whole?

  24. Holly, the information isn't correct about the cyanide. It's more than that. I believe on how it's actually broken down and used.

  25. Holly, there is a lot of info that these kernels have B17. Which kills cancer cells. Needless to say it's banned by the FDA.

  26. What are apricot kernals?…apricot seeds?…whole seeds?

  27. Joyce Rollins, I have watermelon growing out of my ears.

  28. My high school son said apple seeds have traces of cyanide?? Hhmm

  29. sorry, I am a bit computer illiterarate, but slowly getting there! lol, please be patient with me. The kernels are so easy to chew, I soon learned to just get on with it, They have to be the bitter kernals to get the wonderful B17 (Please research this amazing God given little nut!) My liver tumour is now scar tissue! I cannot say my amazing recovery was just by eating these kenals, they are not a snakeoil cure, for me they were a massive part of the armoury. i also addressed my diet .My aim was to create a body that was hostile to cancer, and to try and wreck the environment that cancer needs to thrive.I started by introducing an alkaline diet.Please feel free to pm me for my protocol. x

  30. For me I saw the apricot kernals as my medicine, they tasted much better than chemotherapy! No i didnt like them at first, but i had no other optiom

  31. no they are air dried and are actually not bad! but trust me … i thought the same thing! lol

  32. Ok…newbie question…how on earth do you eat a apricot seed? Aren't they hard as a rock?!?

  33. Thank you!

  34. The brand is "Organic Traditions" Dried bitter apricot kernels. They are imported from Ontario. They are raw and certified organic by canada and the USDA. They taste really bitter.

  35. Kimberly Moninger Cook did you buy your seeds in bulk? Would it be okay if you shared where you got them from? Hi Susan Olifent I've never tried apricot kernels.. I want to, that's why I'm asking

  36. Kimberly Moninger Cook – the suggested dosage of kernels is one kernal for each ten pounds of body weight. I agree they taste nasty but they aren't quite as bad if you grind them finely with something like toasted walnuts. I consume 30 kernels per day. I do a one-to-one with apricot kernels and toasted walnuts. I mix them in yogurt, sprinkle them on salad, etc.

  37. I am sorry you feel the kernals made you feel ill Kimberly Kuklinski. I have never heard anything negative from the many people j know who eat at least 30 a day. Have you looked into rebounding, a simple yet a very worthwhile exercise to help remove toxins from the lymphatic system?.

  38. I am having a hard time with the apricot seeds. Ate 7 the first day and felt really bad, my lymph node is now huge and like a rock. I gave my body a day break and took two today. Felt pretty good until after that. I do juice apples with seeds and I am ok.

  39. The apple seed is so non toxic and contains the amazing B17 we are all lacking in. Better still chewing the bitter apricot kernels, especially if living with cancer can be a massive part if the armoury, please research! Tried and tested and had fantastic results!

  40. Yes Lisa.

  41. Lol. Joyce!

  42. The seeds are only toxic to cancerous cells and not to normal cells

  43. I was afraid an apple tree would grow inside me. 🙂

  44. Right. Arsenic? I'm eating them. I think we've been lied to!

  45. seeds are toxic I alays ate them.

  46. Ok. I was eating the whole thing. Chewing them up. But then I wasn't sure. Thanks! And yes, they're organic too!

  47. Even though I was told as a kid that the sees

  48. I used to love them as a kid. They have a very nice taste

  49. The whole thing! But it needs to be crushed a little or it will pass whole and undigested

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