Where are my educated GF tex mex lovers?


Where are my educated GF tex mex lovers??

Tex Mex is my favorite food, and I’ve been blessed because there seems to be a lot of GF options within tex mex. Just substitute corn tortillas for flour and viola! Or so I thought…

Tonight I reacted to something… trying to figure out what is was. I ate tamales, then about 30 minutes later chocolate milk (go ahead and judge me for that combination, don’t blame you?). When I researched tamales, everything I found said tamales were GF since masa is made from corn. When i check the ingredient list for my H-E-B store bought tamales, nothing alarmed. I’ve been eating tamales frequently over the last few weeks, and not reacted. Tamales from different places (not just store bought H-E-B, some from mom and pop places), but still. Now for the milk, it was regular skim milk flavored with the powdered Nesquik. I checked and double check the ingredients and nothing got my attention.

I felt fine all day. 30 minutes after dinner, my stomach hurts and I’m nauseous.

Am I missing something??

– Recently Diagnosed Celiac

Side note- I have been “cheating” more often the last week. Holidays and being away from my GF home and with family members that aren’t GF knowledgable. I’ve had mild stomach aches and minor GI issues but nothing like what I’m feeling right now, which is why my mind is leading me to the tamales or chocolate milk.

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  1. When I was first diagnosed I was lactose intolerant due to the damage. If you have been getting glutened recently, I don’t think the damage is fixed when your stomach ache went away. Perhaps the damage is leading to an inability to digest milk. I would stay away from dairy until you have a chance to heal.

  2. I eat tamales and papusas every chance I get. However, some places use flour in their red sauce so you need to ask because every place is different.

  3. I love Tamales! But I can never find anywhere that I can eat them. I thought they were safe until I learned the Mexican places near me mix regular flour into theirs. Some use the flour in the sauce ☹️. Many also use soy oil in them as well. Could this be something you react to?

  4. Some tamales will use wheat flour with the masa to make it stick better.

  5. I bet you got glutened before and the milk and sugar just made it more irritated. When I’m glutened I hurt after every meal for a good week or more.

  6. What brand HEB tamales? I have bought some a few times and haven’t had any issues and if I eat gluten I instantly get a reaction.

  7. I couldn’t do Dairy a first. Also learn how to make your own tamales in your gf kitchen . It takes a minute to get the masa right,but so worth it

  8. I never assume there isn’t cross-contamination. As much as I love H.E.B., they are still a huge corporation–with a lot of room to cross contaminate. H.E.B. clearly marks their gluten free items as gluten-free. If it was from H.E.B. and it didn’t say, “Gluten-free,” you should assume it’s not.

  9. It could just be a combination of chocolate milk and tamales not sitting well together? Like how acid makes dairy curdle?

  10. Interesting ideas… Thanks y’all!

    Follow up question… what are pros/ cons of taking activated charcoal in this situation? I’ve never used it myself, but heard/ read that it helps when you’ve been glutened. It’s been almost 20 hours and I’m still hurting and nauseous. Thoughts? hurting and nauseous. Thoughts?

  11. Nesquick says it may contain spy and wheat

  12. It’s possible for the masa or the broth used in making the tamale to contain gluten.

  13. Nesquick makes me sick.

  14. Some people make their tamales with flour, generally in the pork.

  15. Maybe lactose? It’s a problem for me.. hard cheeses like cheddar and jack are lactose free

  16. My fave food too!!!

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