Where are people in the UK sourcing these from?


Following my consult I need to buy the following:
Anderson mineral drops
Aussie minerals
Pure radiance/ innate response pure vitamin C
Stabilised rice bran
Milk thistle
Where are people in the UK sourcing these from? My searches are only coming up with US sites with exorbitant delivery charges to the UK… Can anyone help me?

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  1. Mandy Chadwick Trevor Gillett can you help with resources? If yes, then please update the UK resources article in FIles. thans

  2. Sorry- I don't currently use any of these but some are available. I suggest search Amazon as a start.

  3. Isnt iherb international? Amazon you can get almost anything

  4. Aimee Swartz-Glancy

  5. Iused amazon

  6. iherb ships to UK & sells Innate Response Vitamin C. But be aware of import duty fees. I shipped some stuff there when we went on a holiday and it cost me a whole lot more than it would have if I'd shipped to Australia. Think the import duty is for any supplement imported into UK though, not iherb specific.

  7. Jasleen Sangha, do you know why you need both Anderson mineral drops and Aussie minerals? I thought they were the same thing just a different brand. Or if anyone else can help me, I would appreciate it.

  8. Maybe try to look for similar alternative brands that you can buy in UK. Do some searches and send links with ingredients to your specialist for approval?

  9. Amazon sells innate vit c powder cheaper than the tabs. It's on Prime.

  10. I've a lead on Anderson's mineral drops here: http://www.mineralresourcesint.co.uk/opencart/

  11. Are Amazon not available in Ozb, or post there?

  12. fushi is a good brand you could use for milk thistle

  13. have you done your bloods too? Good to know milk thistle is supposed to lower ferritin…

  14. Delivery on this site seems ok… but I don't know about import charges http://uk.evitamins.com/waitcheck.asp

  15. Amazon has a uk option..

  16. I use Amazon UK for many things but I recommend Naomi from Botanica health see http://www.botanicahealth.co.uk
    They sell ReMag and ReMyte by Dr Carolyne Dean

  17. I highly recommend a company based in the UK, that provides US brands and are also approved redistribution of those brands.

    The website is http://www.detoxpeople.eu

    Save money and time with these guys, They are based in Essex, and all items are WITHIN THE UK, i usually get my deliveries quick like a day or two.

    If you call them, ask for Stephanie, wonderful person, very helpful and resourceful as she is a qualified nutritionist also, so perhaps ask her for advice on other issues you have on your mind.

  18. Forgot about them detox people, yes there good 🙂

  19. m surely following this post

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