Where do people get the alcohol from?


Forgive me if this is a stupid question but this is all new to me. I’ve made my mag.water and want to make mag a hol. I can order the magnesium online but where do people get the alcohol from?

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  1. Naomi Shiels—you need to go to a liquor store and get a minimum of 80% vodka—a 100% is really good. Keep in mind that mag a hol does bother some people's skin with itching, etc. Make a small batch first to make certain you like it and it works for you. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Thanks Candice- I'm in Northern Ireland and can't get that high a strength vodka in liquor stores/ off sales. Highest I can see is 43%.

  3. Naomi Shiels—-maybe repost and state you are in Ireland and where to get the strength or if they have any input?? If someone sees Ireland in the beginning of your post and they live there, they are more likely to respond. Good luck with it! Gorgeous country in Ireland from my friends who have visited there to see where their ancestors lived. 🙂

  4. Thanks for that Candace. Ireland is beautiful but it seems like it never stops raining. We could do with a bit of heat and sun.

  5. Naomi Shiels—-You get too much rain and I live in the desert! Oh do we need rain. This is the monsoon time here—-gorgeous storms with lots of color. We have to have swift water rescues—-the water comes so fast down the mtns and people don't hear it—it is especially said if kids are playing around a dry wash—and the water hits like a tsunami and the kids don't hear it—it can also be very dangerous too.

  6. Naomi Shiels – 43% is 86 proof and a good choice for making Mag-A-Hol. Go for it

  7. Percent is doubled for the proof amount. So 43% equals 86 proof.

  8. Thanks MJ and Rochelle -I didn't realise that. Got vodka in the house anyway so Just need my magnesium flakes to arrive now and I can get going.

  9. It's suggested in this group that there is an easier way to make mag a hol by simply using vodka . Vodka already contain glycerin, so it's actually much easier to make. I did and it's great! Go for it!

  10. Sounds great – and you can always have a wee vodka and tonic whist your making it

  11. Oh common! Take a good chugalug!

  12. Ruth Langton ….. Yah , the peeps , including me, are learning right!


    Learning !!

  13. I visited Talin the day after the Russian army pulled out and came away with some Estonian spirit which is actually over 98% alcohol by volume. A doctor assured me it would kill any cell it touched.

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