Which doctor was able to order this test done?


Hi? Question for those of you that have had a complete vitamin/mineral panel done…which doctor was able to order this test done? I’m getting the run around and beginning to think I just need a new doctor.

The nurse at my regular dr (an internal med dr) said that my GI would need to order that and then when I asked GI to do it they said my regular doctor would do that. Yesterday I was back at regular dr (trying to get some answers on why my hair is thinning out) and told her this and she said because it’s a scalp issue I would need to see a dermatologist…and that THAT dr could order the test if he/she saw fit.

This is the readers digest version…this whole process has been months and multiple phone calls and emails. Guess I’m just feeling frustrated…so I’m wondering a) Which kind of dr ordered this test for you all? And b) Was it an easy process for you or does it always involves pleading and begging? Did you have to fight to get this done also??

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  1. I have an internal med. Dr and he did the test

  2. I went to my regular doctor last week to have some test because I am in the same boat as you with my hair. This is my 6th week GF. My doctor was reluctant and asked my if I have spoke with my GI doctor and what his direction was when they called me to tell me the results of my biopsy. I told her the the nurse called to tell me I had it and pretty much hung up! She did run a couple of blood test. Three were for thyroid, and I said I really wanted B12 and D checked because I have read on here that that is what people have the most problems with. That is all she ran. I couldnt get her to run one for iron. She said unless I was bleeding out all over my iron was fine because I just had it checked 6 weeks ago and it was good. Those those couple where all I could get her to run. I went in asking for a full panel.

  3. I went to a hematologist

  4. I would think any doctor would have the capability to order a vitamin panel. My g.p ordered one.

  5. My internist who is my PCP ran the test for Vitamin/minerals. Any doctor can order them. I suggest the one you have the best relationship with and be specific about which ones you need. CBC is standard but ask for Ferritin, B12, Folate, Vitamin D, calcium as a standard. Thyroid- TSH, Free T4, Free 3, Total T4 and One they will balk at but insist on- Reverse T3. Reverse T3 can be an indicator of Hashimoto’s. Fight to get that one. They dont like to pay for it. My hair is falling too. But my Ferritin was only 6 last time it was checked. The sad thing is some wont run it unless you ask and ferritin levels are critical for us. It needs to be sustained over 80ml for a few months for hair to start growing properly again.

  6. The general practioner can order it

  7. My ferritin levels were low and liver enzymes up, I just started having stiff joints in the fingers by my thumb only so far, but noticed today they are all kinda stiff I’m 45 and started taking cod liver oil but read tomatoes and potatoes any night shade vegetables can cause this. I love tomatoes and spicy peppers. I was taking cayenne peppers*pill form) for inflammation now I quit in case its causing more issues

  8. My rheumatologist is the best dr I have. He was a gp first so he is up to date on everything. Plus he spends time with his patients.

  9. Go go a Celiac Disease Center closest to you. They know which to do and then some

  10. was told to get a “vitamin array”. It was expensive but it served as a benchmark

  11. My GP is an internist. She ordered a Spectracel test from Spectracel Laboratories. Most insurance doesn’t cover it. But I think it was only about $100 or so. Worth it!!. I found out i have a rare copper deficiency.

  12. My GI orders mine. He requires me to do an updated complete blood panel every six months to check for deficiencies. My regular doctor doesn’t see a need for it but I’m glad my GI does

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