Which is generic and which is original?


Question about Levo vs. Synthroid. Which is generic and which is original? My script has both on the bottle. I need to learn a lot more about this disease. Any info/experience shared is appreciated. Thank you

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  2. I thought Levo was generic. That’s what I take too.

  3. Synthriod is brand.

  4. Levo is generic for Synthroid.

  5. Synthroid is name brand

  6. Levothyroxine is generic. Synthroid is brand.

  7. Synthroid is the brand name, levo is what it is and the generic name.

  8. Synthroid is brand name Levothyroxine is generic i can`t take Levothyroxine does nothing for me !!!!

  9. Why are both listed on my meds?

  10. Levothyroxine is generic. Synthroid is the brand name.

  11. Had to tell the pharmacy I didn’t want Generic. Feel much better on Synthroid (brand). More money but much more consistent.

  12. When it is in the darker font, that is what you were given. They have to write the generic on there as well an ask if you would like that instead.

  13. both are not good. they will eventually do nothing and the thyroid blood tests will go up and down.

  14. I am on Armour Thyroid and I dont plan on switching back on synthroid. If you take it please increase your calcium intake!!!

  15. Levothyroxine, l-thyroxine, is the proper chemical name for the active ingredient in Synthroid. Your bottle contains brand name medication, not generic.

  16. Looks like you are on the brand name. Both worked for me. Guess I’m the lucky one! ? its all trial and error. Good luck to you!

  17. They’re both synthetic. I’m on WP Thyroid, an ndt, and will NEVER go back to Levo or Synthroid. They both kept me sick!

  18. Look into the AIP diet and natural dessicated Thyroid meds, most of us need t3 the active hormone, and that med is only t4. Get Marc Ryan book, get Dr Wentz book, good luck

  19. It’s more expensive, go to their website and you can get a coupon.

  20. I am lucky my meds are covered between my benefits and my husband’s. I often still feel symptomatic even though my blood levels are “normal”. Seriously thinking about going gluten free (though I love my carbs!), I think going GF would help with brain fog, and even my eczema. Jennifer, what is AIP diet?

  21. Jen Burley you have to go gluten free but hashimotos, gluten actually mimics molecularly the structure in hashimotos and attacks the thyroid, not to me too gut where our immune system is. It’s not an option for people like us to eat gluten. Also, the AIP diet is the Autoimmune Paleo diet. It’s amazing

  22. Jen, I guarantee your blood levels aren’t normal. They never run the right tests, they run the basics ask them to run a full panel, t4, tsh, free t3, t3 reverse t3, free t4 and TPOab to see your antibodies. If you don’t have that full panel you know nothing or how much meds to take and it’s a guessing game. If they won’t run the tests get them here and ftpo thyroid is one group to help you determine them. http://www.bltsystem.com. docs only run a tsh t4 and maybe a t3

  23. Jen Burley also get a 4 point saliva cortisol at zrt labs to check your Adrenals, hashimotos attacks our Adrenal system

  24. Synthroid is the name brand. And levothyroxine is the generic. Both can be on the bottle. Because of a shared ingredient. But the actual pill will say what it is. And there is a big difference between the two medications. Not the same no matter what anyone tells you. I felt like I was dying on levo. But I do good on synthroid

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