Which is the best for migraines?


I’m hoping I can get some help.
I developed migraines 18 months ago following weight loss surgery.
8 months ago they turned chronic and have now been diagnosed with Basilar Migraines.
My neurologist said magnesium is very important to take.
I have been taking it for a year for back and leg issues and it’s helped me reduce so many of my pain meds and stop the medication for nerve pain in my legs.
Now I’m trying to find the best one for migraines and the pharmacists here in Australia just look at you blankly when you tell them magnesium comes in different forms.
So my question is which is the best for migraines.
I’ve recently started one made by bio ceuticals which says on the bottle that it is magnesium amino acid chelate equivalent to 150mg with added B6.
Does this sound like the right one to take???
I was taking a cheaper one which was magnesium complex by Natures Way

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  1. Implement the full Mg protocol as found in the Magnesium Beginners Guide at the top of this page

  2. I think the Bioceuticals one has Calcium which isn't recommended. I'm struggling to find one on the shelf that is quality. I've ordered online.

  3. I find the oil applied topically is cheap and effective

  4. Hi Julia you're here!!! Brilliant I'm sooooooo pleased 🙂

  5. I've been taking the Swisse magnesium +,it's a powder one that you mix with water,it's made a big difference to the frequency of my migraines,I buy it in terry white pharmacy but sometimes I buy it when it's on offer from chemist direct online

  6. Instead of try this, try that…. implement the full Mg protocol with cofactors and adrenal support.

  7. Becky this might interest you x

  8. Get off all artificial sweeteners.

  9. My lifelong migraines disappeared within a month gluten-free. The frequent daily regular headaches disappeared too. I lost a lot of inflammatory water weight that first month. I have had migraines since pre-school and my Mom has them too. I am 48 and thought they were just part of me. I quit gluten in 2013 and have only had two since then. Both were in December so I say I must be allergic to Christmas. 😀

  10. get the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Dr Mark Sires . Its available as download from Kindle

  11. problem is after bypass absorption of all nutrients is an issue. you are probably low b12 now..low b in general..low minerals of all kinds…look to liquid minerals…lozenges for under the tongue for b12…activated b complex…i have seen this in a lot of post bypass patients..good luck

  12. Go to Chemist Warehouse by far the Cheapest and have most brands

  13. That's great to know. I have a magnesium type to look for now.
    Thanks Skal Sue

  14. my bloodwork said i only need vitimin d? will mag still help my leg pain

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