Which pill is best to avoid pregnancy after intercourse?



I had question regarding birth control pill in US…

Which pill is best to avoid pregnancy after intercourse??
Where can i buy the pills?
Will there be any side effects on pills like weigh gain??

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  1. I took plan B when i was 17. not sure if that's a US product. It worked for me. I didn't get side effects besides postponing my period which wasnt a big deal.

  2. I've already done all my studying on the patch if you have this many questions I would definitely make an appointment with your Dr the pill is only for daily use

  3. Everything is different for everybody.

  4. I would suggest seeing your Dr and asking them what they think would be right for you. There are many birth control forms. Many have side effects like with any medication.

  5. Are you thinking of a daily pill to take to prevent pregnancy, or an emergency contraception?

  6. Plain B one step u can get it at Walmart

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