Which spice brand do you all use?


Quick question – Which spice brand do you all use? I have been using Simple organic for a while and today my husband brought home a new Chicken seasoning from the brand and I put it on our chicken tonight and I am soooooo sick!! I just searched and found that this brand isn’t certified gluten free!! Now what do I use! help

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  1. Make your own to control exactly what goes in it.

  2. Only spices I can handle is a little salt and pepper…

  3. I just threw out alot of my plain spices tonight. They had may contain wheat warnings on them

  4. Yes, I use Simple Organics for most of my seasonings. I use only Organic, fresh dill and selontro, not bottle. Curry and chillys, I buy in bulk from the local (Anchorage Alaska USA) Aison market.

  5. https://www.spicely.com/ \nI order mine from Amazon! It’s organic and certified gluten free.

  6. Flavor God from Amazon, i bought taco as a tester

  7. Badia is gf

  8. Some tones spices are g/f

  9. I only use spices that are one ingredient. I don’t use mixes.

  10. Webster makes great gluten free spice blends. Found at Wal-Mart

  11. I mix my own spices up–buy spices in their whole form and grind them together in a coffee grinder to get great fresh blends that you enjoy. Look at some of your old favorite store blends and recreate them without the gluten.

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