Which type of Mag would you suggest I use?


I make my own toothpaste and would like to add some magnesium to prevent dental caries. Which type of Mag would you suggest I use? TIA

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  1. Milk of magnesia

  2. I use mixure by Viridian. It contains Mg oxide and citrate. What I love is that the produkt is in powder form (saves you work to ground), but the most awesome thing is, it contains also calcium and zinc. 🙂

  3. Milk of magnesia is perfect all by itself. It also helps to dissolve the calcium/tartar buildup on teeth. It makes your teeth very clean and fresh!!

  4. Sarah Langdon What is your toothpaste recipe? Maybe you can make a document for the files (if there isn't one already)?

  5. never thought about MoM as a tooth paste….

  6. There is one recipe in the files that uses coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, manesium oil, and baking soda (plus flavor and or sweetener)

  7. plain MOM is great! I have so much less tartar buildup using MOM!! Even the hygienist noticed at my last checkup! And, big bonus, you will absorb some of the wonderful magnesium!!!

  8. Dolomite powder.

  9. You can put the MOM into one of those little plastic squeeze bottles..or just shake it up and pour out a little bit into the small measuring cup that comes with it. It's.very easy to use.

  10. I brush my teeth with mag water once a day no problem.

  11. Jana Nova is the powder called Calcium, Magnesium with Zinc? Do you mix with coconut oil, and do you add anything else? Sorry for all the questions!

  12. Deean Hollis I just used coconut oil, bicarb and peppermint oil and alternated with a fluoride free shop bought one as I am concerned about too much bicarb being abrasive…

  13. I mix in some fine calcium powder in my home made paste for slightly abrasive.

  14. I use mag oil every now and again too, but I wanted something that would mix with coconut oil, so I think the powder would work well.

  15. Richard Mandziak I need mag in there to hold the calcium in the teeth.

  16. Coconut mixed well works well.

  17. Add plain Milk of Magnesia

  18. If you have cavities, will brushing with Mom, make them worse? Don't I want the calcium to fill in where the cavities is vs having dental work?

  19. Amy Walser – It is Magnesium that makes calcium work properley. Without the Mg, the calcium can and does go where it's not helpful.

  20. Thanks for the clarification! Someone mentioned it would dissolve calcium build up & wasn't sure if that is what/how cavities fill in.

  21. I swish and gargle with FortiSalt (www.utmin.com) after brushing with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. It seems to give me great results. Disclosure, I am with with company that makes FortiSalt.

  22. Oil pulling is good for dental hygiene too.

  23. Please watch it with pulling and dental work, as it can loosen and damage it, said w/ experience… Don't spit coconut oil down drains or you'll be calling Roto Rooter.

  24. I have been trying different things. Started with a bit of coconut oil and a spray of mag oil. Been working well so far, but occasionally my lips peel.

  25. We've just sprayed on the magnesium oil spray. Two pumps on the brush will do and feels so clean

  26. Yes, it is Sarah Langdon. I mix it with baking powder and benzoate clay. In past I used to add couple of herbs, but they leave stains on teeth. It was a powder mixture, but mix your blend with coconut oil and add some essential oils like peppermint for freshness. I am using this instead of herbs. http://www.orawellness.com or you can make your own blend. It is just almond oil with blend of essential oils, but I am lazy to experiment with blending. You can get it online or on american amazon. I think I also saw it recently on amazon UK.

  27. I have used Mag oil as well.

  28. Holly, can u give more details please? This is the first I heard any negative from oil pulling

  29. JanaNova I have made it and I like it much better than what I was using before (I think the bicarb was too rough for me) I would like to use the clay but I wonder if it would bind the minerals if I used at the same time as them? I have not done any research into essential oils for teeth yet so I just put peppermint and lemon in, and bound it all together with coconut oil. I will take a look to see what oils orawellness use to give me some ideas. Thank you so much for your help 🙂

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