Best magnesium for depression and anxiety?


Which type of magnesium is best for depression and anxiety?  I bought a bottle of “triple” magnesium tablets. It has three different types.

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  1. If it has asparate in it it is not good

  2. I just checked the label and it does have asperate in it. I feel very jittery ,like my brain is buzzing and I can't sleep.

  3. It is an exotoxin.

  4. What does that mean? Sorry, I'm new to all this.

  5. Don't take any more. Our protocol is Magnesium malate and/pure encapsulation glycinate. I get my glycinate at

  6. Sorry. Yes asparate is on the avoid list of magnesium

  7. It irritates the brain

  8. Local you can probably get a magnesium malate for during the day and glycinate for bedtime. Small amount then order from above sites the good stuff

  9. I'm looking for a more calming effect both day and night. I don't have a problem with energy just irritability BIG time and anxious most of the time.

  10. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge. I had no idea.

  11. Then glycinate day and night. We take it day and night

  12. I love the

  13. What would be a sufficient and effective amount for me? I'm 157 lbs

  14. I'll definitely have to check out those sites.

  15. O yes you just take several 1/8tsp doses throughout the day

  16. Okay, so it comes in only liquid form?

  17. No taste

  18. Dose is 1/8tsp

  19. I highly suggest taking a full B complex daily as well.

  20. Thanks ladies. I'm hoping CVS will allow me to exchange out the magnesiums. They were BOGO and I opened one of them. 🙁

  21. What do you mean by F?

  22. F means "following" so they get the notifications when other people respond.

  23. Is calm ok? Please say yes. Sick of buying the wrong things.

  24. I'm not too sure Kim Dyer London. Ive been buying the wrong ones as well.

  25. No to Calm and other citrate types.

  26. Boo!! Just bought it. Can't afford to keep making mistakes.

  27. I wonder if it's what's affecting my kidneys. They feel sore in the morning

  28. I too feel better when I'm fully hydrated. I'm hoping to flush the magnesium asperate out of my system. I only took when last night, and I woke up in panic, brain zapping and heart racing. I feel better now but still feel a little residual effect from it.

  29. I thought my mattress was making my kidneys sore. Thats the only time my kidney hurt are at night. I take mag before bed.

  30. I think it's my kidneys. But they're sore in the morning. I take calm at night and that's when it started. Lowered the dose tonight.

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