Who here had to go GF because of hashimotos?


Who here had to go gluten free because of hashimotos? Was recently diagnosed and been gluten free for 3 days.

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  1. Not hashi but hypo.

  2. I have both as well as several others! From what I am learning the older you are when you are diagnosed the more AIs you have. I have read that a high percentage of women with Hashimotos also have Celiac.

  3. I have Hashimoto’s and Celiac so I had to regardless.

  4. I have Hashi’s and Celiac. Im officially in hashi’s remission as of my last doc appointment and was taken off naturethroid.

  5. What is that?

  6. My question is, since going GF, I feel so tired. Like I could just sleep all freaking day. Anyone know why??? Oh and Mary Kennedy it’s a autoimmune disorder with the thyroid

  7. I am always chronically fatigue and thank you

  8. What exactly is celiac?

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