Who is using Milk of magnesia as a deodorant?


Who is using Milk of magnesia as a deodorant?

Is working for you?

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  1. I use this it & it works wonderfully!

  2. It's terrific ! I buy the regular blue bottle, shake, then use a make-up pad to apply it. Lasts two days before I need to reapply.. much better than any deodorant I've ever bought.

  3. Yes tab it on with cotton ball works great!

  4. Glass roller ball bottle. Better

  5. Best deodorant ever! I've been using it for about a month now and I'm not going back. It's silly, but my favorite thing about it is that it doesn't leave a greasy deodorant stain on my clothes! Haha!

  6. Yes. Using a recycled deodorant bottle and added lavendar essential oil.

  7. Does it work in Texas??????

  8. Doesn't work for me

  9. Yes, I only sweat at night (had to pause talking, for dinner)

  10. When did it start? It's been years, back when I was like 35, and I"m 50 now.

  11. What would be the best way to find/get this tavlets. btw, is being wet but not stinking still count as perspiring? I barely even use deodorant under my arms, I don't sweat (stink).

  12. Well to perspire means to give out sweat. Sweat doesn't necessarily stink it's just a salty watery fluid that comes through your pores.

    As long as it's coming out of your pores it's perspiring. Smelling isn't a prerequisite.

  13. I've been using just salt for years with pretty good results and I recently tried the milk of magnesia because of recommendations on here and I did okay for a day and then the second day of using it I stunk really bad. I even got stinky feet which I haven't had in years. Not that I put it on my feet but I couldn't think of any other connection. I have been trying to use the apple cider vinegar for the last few weeks and some days it works great and some days it doesn't work too well or I just smell like vinegar all day if I use too much. Does anybody have any ideas as to why the milk of magnesia would not work for some people and would make it worse?

  14. I use diy coconut oil, baking soda and lavender essential oil. Works great.

  15. Would a magnesium spray work just as well just thinking there would be no faff then

  16. I use mag spray and toms

  17. What's toms ?

  18. It loses its effectiveness. I loved it for 6 months and couldn't believe I hadnt discovered it before but it eventually stopped working and I've heard others have had the same experience

  19. Yes… I use it. The Dollar store one only had 600 or 400mg in it. Not as useful. Another genetic has 1200mg in it. This works fabulously.

  20. havnt found any of the real stuff in the uk yet.Mine smells of mint.

  21. Yes I found it lost its effectiveness too after several months of success.

  22. I think it doesn't lose it's effectiveness, but rather that your body gets use to it. Try changing it up, like you do your shampoo. To switch it up is hopefully to keep effectiveness.

  23. I have been using it for two years now. I put in roller ball containers.

  24. I do but it doesn't work anymore

  25. I highly recommend doing a "pit detox" if you have used conventional deodorant in the past


  26. Also, I just ordered piperwai deodorant. Have any of you tried this? It has activated charcoal

  27. Anyone know the mechanism for why it works so maybe we could deduce why it atop working or just plain doesnt work for some? I get why salt or apple cider vinegar would decrease the bacteria and balance things. But I don't understand how magnesium on the skin in the armpit could make it not stink. Really want to understand thanks.

  28. I use it and it is the only thing that has ever worked for me in my entire life!

  29. Julie Wallace can you send a pic of the brand you have with 1200 mg? Please

  30. I have this and it says 80 mg of magnesium hydroxide per ml (I think) so 5-15 ml of recommended dose would amount to 400-1600 mg please correct me If there's a higher one then perhaps that's the reason it's stopped working for me. I've purchased several types and in the beginning it was fabulous



  31. I only use the DG brand and it works fine. None with added ingredients or flavors.

  32. So can using this as a deodorant help with your magnesium levels since it dries into the skin?

  33. All I know is it works

  34. I make my own…all natural ingredients. Mom on the pits? Never heard of this. I'm new…don't lynch me yet…lol. jk

  35. Bentonite clay, coconut oil, etc…recipes on the net for natural deodorants.

  36. Love it!

  37. I am, it works for me!

  38. i got too stinky. I may try to look for some of those recipes though.

  39. Been using it as a deodorant for about six months. I also use it to brush my teeth! Works great!

  40. I tried every kind of deodorant. Always smelly. I will try that detox mentioned above. I currently use milk of magnesium with a blend of essential oils. It takes care of the smell and if I do get smelly I reapply and smell is gone. Milk of magnesium by itself does not work for me.

  41. Me. Works great.

  42. Started using this today! So far so good!

  43. Awesome!!

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