Who is using Tirosint?


Who is using Tirosint and how does it compare to Levo?

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  1. Tirosint should be a last resort.

  2. The others Levo and Synthroid are fine if you do well on them

  3. I was on Tirosint, but my Doctor switched me to Levoxyl because of cost. I am seriously debating switching back. I feel worse and any of the weight I finally started losing has come back. It's also making my PMDD worse for some reason.

  4. I take Tirosint and liothyronine. Feel great!

  5. Question for those taking Tirosint: I'm having horrible reactions to Synthroid (newly diagnosed – been on Synthroid for 7 weeks). For those of you that had bad reactions to Synthroid, how long did it take to start feeling better after starting the Tirosint?

  6. If you are having horrible reactions to synthroid you should try levo first. There are many that cant take levo but do fine with Synthroid and vice versa its a known issue

  7. Tirosint can take a long time to find the right dosage – it took 1.5 for me and only was better after adding cytomel

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