Why all of sudden my body decided it can’t digest it anymore?


I have a question for anyone that knows, following what I’m going to say. I was diagnosed with Celiac back in November of 2016. Prior to that I was always sick when I ate and would lay down in the fetal position and cry cause I was in so much pain. Once I got several test done and figured out what the cause was I immediately switched over to a gluten free diet. It helped so much!!!

But here is my question…

I know gluten has been around for awhile and put into several foods. Is there a reason why all of sudden my body decided it can’t digest it anymore? Do they make it differently now or what. Like I said, I know it’s been around for awhile but why all of sudden not only me but others seem to be having an issue with gluten. Does anyone know? Or can give me some more information on gluten allergies.


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  1. They are triple processing wheat in today’s world . More and more people are intolerant .

  2. Probably wasn’t all of a sudden. The gluten could have been bothering you all along but you were asymptomatic. Or the CD hadn’t been triggered yet. I asked my doc the same question and he said medical science has no explanation for why the immune system turns on and off the way it does.

  3. Watch what’s with wheat on Netflix it explains

  4. Yes!!! This is my question exactly! 37 years on this planet eating gluten filled goodness, and NOW all of a sudden BAM! \n\nMy PCP said I’ve likely had an issue with it for my entire life but always wrote it off as something else. I don’t buy that. If I truly had issues with it, why did it only start causing my symptoms in the past year or so? \n\nBut then she likened it to other autoimmune diseases like MS and says sometimes the body just flips a switch and decides \

  5. That’s exactly how I described it to my doctor when my pain started \

  6. CD can be triggered by something. For example, if you are under a lot of stress, or get a bad virus or just something traumatic, physically or mentally. Lots of different things can trigger it. I had shingles when I was 16, and while I wasn’t diagnosed till 24 (a month ago), I think I’ve had it since at least then, because young healthy people don’t get shingles unless they have a compromised immune system. I had a bad flu (H1N1) a few months before that, and maybe that’s what triggered it? Who knows!

  7. We believe that my daughter’s celiac was triggered by Mono

  8. My GI said that it was probably triggered by an illness in my case (symptoms didn’t appear until my 40s). I can attest that I had a number of awful intestinal viruses, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  9. This is all very interesting to learn and read. Thank you to all have gave input. Makes it easier to understand as to why this “all of sudden” seemed to be an issue for me.

  10. mine was also triggered by a virus and then for that same year I had a few other illnesses that required antibiotics so that added more stress to every thing

  11. I also believe that we have changed the “flora” in our guts with all the medication we now take. 30yrs ago people didn’t take as many medications for every little ailment like we do now. We also eat way more processed food than ever before. That also can change our flora. I think gluten has always been an issue but our guts used to be able to handle it before we unknowingly have been altering our guts! So for it all of a sudden happening…. I think our bodies, just like a fraying rope, can only take it so long before it snaps!

  12. Glyphosate is a huge issue also.

  13. What’s weird is I was eating a paleo diet for almost 3 years before I got sick. I barely ate any grains or processed foods. I think I knew something was wrong a few weeks before I got really sick because I can remember driving and feeling extremely stressed all the time and just in my head thinking “I’m gonna get really sick soon.” I can’t explain it, but my intuition was warning me. I certainly didn’t expect the months of pain, weight loss and illness that I’ve been through and the damaged to my GI system that they found.

  14. As with many autoimmune diseases, you probably inherited it or the gene (some nationalities are also more prone) and it was dormant in your body, but some ‘trigger’ whether it is stress, foods, illness or injury triggered it. I have 3 autoimmune diseases and counting……….. Two are controlled by meds and Celiac is controlled by diet. However, I believe we need to take a holistic approach to all of these diseases.

  15. Watch What’s With Wheat on Netflix and read the book Wheat Belly. They explain a lot about what you are asking.

  16. I read the celiac is a genetic disposition so which ever reason it is activated your body’s immune system reacts to gluten. .

  17. Celiac is different to having a reaction to a herbicide they use to process wheat.

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