Why are my Antibodies still high?


I’ve been on Tirosint for a few months now and feel the best on it after Levothyroxine, Armor and Naturethroid. My only complaint now is bloating, weight gain, hair loss is better than it was but still happening, ferritin is still low. My question is, with my numbers optimal, why are my Antibodies still high? See my new labs below after meeting with functional medical dr. We talked about a medication to lower antibodies and the side effects of vivid dreams, she suggested starting with healing my leaky gut to work on the antibodies – gluten, soy, sugar, dairy free… Just wondering how to lower these antibodies because as long as they are elevated, they turn my thyroid to meat. Thanks everyone!

TPO Antibodies 81 (0-34)
T3 Free Serum 3.4 (2.0-4.4)
T4 1.30 (0.82-1.77)
TSH 0.686 (0.450-4.50)

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  1. I have high antibodies too! By the way, you aren’t too high. I’m above 8,000. Just because your levels are good doesn’t mean they will decrease. Something else is “feeding” it. I’m trying to control them with diet. What are you eating?

  2. Are you taking B12 or vitamin D

  3. I’m taking 5000 iu of vitamin d3 with K2 for better upload but having a hard time getting it to raise, its very low

  4. I am taking a prescription of 50,000 a week.

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